[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Louis C.K. Reveals His Southern Accent
[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Louis C.K. Reveals His Southern Accent
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Louis C.K. has done it all: he's a comedian, a writer, actor, director, producer ... I could go on and on. So when someone like that has done it all, it only seems fitting to go back for a second round. And that's exactly what he'll do when he returns to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest Sam Smith.

NBC has released a series of promos featuring the star of Louie (who ended up receiving a Guest Actor Emmy nomination the first time he hosted) and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, who for some reason wants to close his eyes and listen to C.K. so he can know what it sounds like at nighttime. Okay?

The promos continue on from there with Kenan wanting to know what the C.K. stands for in Louis' name. He thinks it means something gross, but we don't know what it is because Kenan whispers it in his hear. Louis' reply: "Oh my god! What's wrong with you?"

Kenan also think that Louis is putting on a character and that this isn't the real him. The problem? The SNLer is putting on an act himself, playing the part of "Kenan." But it's a good thing he brought it up because we finally get to hear the real Louis C.K., who apparently has a Southern accent -- the truth is finally coming to light!

Watch all of these promos and more below, including one at the end where the two are talking about cheeseburgers that, frankly, doesn't make any sense.

To be honest, I didn't think any of these bits were funny, and they were the weakest set of promos I've seen so far this season. Hopefully, the actual show this weekend is better.

Are you looking forward to Louis C.K. hosting SNL on March 29? Do you think he'll receive another Emmy nomination? And do you agree that these promos weren't all that funny?

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:35pm on NBC.

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)