Seth MacFarlane to Host 2013 Oscars
Seth MacFarlane to Host 2013 Oscars
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The next Academy Awards will have all the things that make us laugh and cry. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been named host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2013.

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This will mark the first major hosting gig for MacFarlane, although in the past year he has hosted the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen and the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

MacFarlane is an inspired choice for the awards, which went backwards in time last year with Billy Crystal. MacFarlane is hip and young, sure to bring in the same demographic the Oscars tried to get with James Franco and Anne Hathaway, but he's also old school.

Anyone who's seen Family Guy knows MacFarlane is a fan of traditional Hollywood glamour, from Fred Astaire to Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra (all of whom have hosted the Oscars). MacFarlane is simultaneously hip, young and current as well as a classic throwback.

The creator of multiple animated shows on FOX (as well as this summer's comedy blockbuster Ted) also proved himself on SNL, delivering a solid performance from start to finish.

This feels like a great choice for the Oscars. MacFarlane seems unlikely and outside-the-box, yet perfectly reasonable and ideal. Let's just hope he's up to the enormous challenge hosting the Academy Awards presents.

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