VOTE: Who Should Win 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 4?
VOTE: Who Should Win 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 4?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Your channel guide may have told you that this past Monday's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race was supposed to be the finale, when classy Cher impersonator Chad Michaels, spooky, stupid and sensational goth-chic Sharon Needles, or annoying and ambitious Phi Phi O'Hara would take the crown, and the cash.

But when the time came for the final announcement, instead of this season's highly anticipated winner, Ru revealed a twist: This year's Next Drag Superstar will be revealed at next Monday's reunion special. Lots of fans were angry to have to wait for the results -- and at the usually cheeky and smart reality show's shameless pleas for Twitter and Facebook votes -- but personally, I'm just excited to have a whole 'nother week to espouse my RPDG finale theories! (And plan an epic finale viewing party!)

Now. I'm not here to tell you that our votes actually matter -- at this point. If you voiced your choice before yesterday, when the Reunion Special was filmed, it very well could have! (Though it's hard to imagine that any amount of internet voices could ever overrule Ru and Absolut's opinions about which of the final three should take up the torch.) But we've been watching this season of RPDG with joy and dedication, and we just love a fierce drag debate around here.

So let's break down the final three, and then open it up to a vote: Who should win RuPaul's Drag Race season 4?

tumblr_m1o6dkKYgp1qbzqexo1_500.gifPhi Phi O'Hara

She's young, ambitious and definitely knows how to make her mark and be heard. She stands her ground, and has shown us some truly glamorous looks. Gradually, her castmates have come around on her personality -- at least in the last couple of weeks. And we have to admit, she had one of the best quotes of the season, even if it was directed at the glorious Ms. Needles: "Go back to Party City where you belong, bitch!"

She was this season's villain, as she made it common practice to intentionally undermine her weaker competitors and pick fights with ... pretty much everyone. While Ru raves about Phi Phi's youth and ambition, they also led to moments of immaturity and cruelty -- like when she encouraged Jiggly Caliente to go "serious" on a magazine cover challenge, then bragged behind Jiggly's back that she did it fully knowing that serious would be a big mistake. And that's just the tip of the bitchy iceberg with this one.

tumblr_lzlkinQZ9P1r1okmxo1_500.gifChad Michaels

Pros: She's classy, seasoned and always chic on the runway. Off the runway, she's unbelievably and adorably kind, generous and patient. Her Cher impersonation is TO. DIE. FOR. And we'd kill for most of what's in her closet, too. Of all the final three, she's definitely the most endearing, and would represent Ru with nothing but love, amazement and gratitude.

Cons: As a classic drag queen with years of experience, has Chad's time to become the next drag superstar come and ... already gone? We don't think so, but that's what Ru seems to worry about. And while Chad has had many shining moments this season, she's also had hiccups in challenges and on the runway. She's the complete package, but has struggled in the format of a cutthroat competition to display all of her talents, all at once, for the judges.

tumblr_lw649gOJPZ1qbzqexo1_500.gifSharon Needles

Pros: She's one of the most original drag queens and talented performers we've seen grace this or any reality show. Her goth chic style can be off-putting or stomach-turning at first, but her whip-smart sense of humor and flair for the deliciously dark and dramatic always win us over. Not only that, but Sharon is a fully-realized and dynamic drag character, and every look she brings to the runway is unique and original. And often hilarious. She's just non-stop fun to behold.

Cons: To fully embrace her edginess, Sharon often shirks more conventional types of glamour ... and sometimes we just wanna see our drag superstars in a fabulous gown, wig and heels without getting weird with it. (That said, we LOVE Sharon's weirder looks, and some of her closer-to-normal looks have been flat-out beautiful, so she clearly knows how to do traditional drag -- that's just not her style.) While hilarious, Sharon's sarcastic sense of humor and "stupid" character can sometimes come off as cold and calculated, and keep the audience from connecting with her.

Well, that's my brief, subjective and conflated take on the final three as they stand right now. On Monday (9pm, LOGO), Ru will crown her newest queen. Tell us, and then sashay away until Monday: Who should it be?

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