Alyssa Milano is 'Romantically Challenged'
Alyssa Milano is 'Romantically Challenged'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Alyssa Milano-led Romantically Challenged is a Pittsburg-set comedy about a recently divorced single mom attorney who hasn't dated in years (Milano).

The show, which premiered on April 10 to average ratings and mixed reviews, follows Rebecca Thomas as she transitions from family life to primary bread winner. Fighting her battle is a cast of other romantically challenged adults, including Josh Lawson as Shawn, Kyle Bornheimer as Perry and Kelly Stables as Lisa. Rebecca also has a 15-year-old son Justin.

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On the kick-off, Rebecca discovers that her ex-husband Steven is getting re-married. Her friends convince her that it's time to begin dating again.

Says Entertainment Weekly on the first episodes: "At times relatably funny: The rules of one-night stands can be fairly confusing. But other times, characters say things like 'Who is that mansicle?'"

Milano earned praises from USA Today, which panned the whole show: "As terrible as Romantically is, it is in the end more puzzling than insulting. Why would any studio or network waste a star like Milano on a show that would seem to have virtually no chance of survival?"

Romantically Challenged airs Monday on ABC.

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