VH1 to Go 'Behind the Music' of 'Rock of Love's Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels' career isn't over, and we're not sure if that's such a good thing.  Apparently rocking out has no age limits.  Anyway, the Rock of Love star and Poison frontman has gotten himself into another TV gig.  He won't have ladies lining up for his affections this time though, but millions of fans ready to hear him tell his tale.

Reuters reports that the VH1 iconic series Behind the Music is back on, and will soon be focusing on the journey of Bret Michaels.  It won't be for another month, but here's a heads-up on the upcoming show anyway.

According to the press release, the Emmy-nominated documentary series will kick off on Thursday, September 10.  The premiere won't be about Bret Michaels though, as his is scheduled for the first of October.

It says: "[T]he series goes full throttle with the stories, footage, and music behind some of the most interesting, talented individuals in today's music."

As for the Bret Michaels Hour, the episode will focus on how the star and his band of brothers left Pennsylvania with their dreams.  The story relates his ups and downs, from his struggle with diabetes to the indulgences he's experienced as a rockstar.

It's like his memoir put on television for those too lazy to read.  Anyway, Bret's Behind the Music segment will also feature how he dealt with heartbreak, alcohol, and of course the reality series that turned him into a mainstream success.  There's also stuff about his solo career and work in film production, in addition to a turbulent experience with death.

As if we haven't heard this story before on countless interviews and news reports, here's another side of Bret fans don't expect.  Or maybe they do.  But if you're that much of a Bret-head, just catch his Behind the Music special as it premieres on Thursday, October 1 at 10pm on VH1.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reuters, VH1
(Image Courtesy of VH1)