Rock of Love: Daisy and Peyton Respond to the SNL Spoof
Sometimes Saturday Night Live is a total dud, but sometimes a skit will hit the sweet spot of timeliness and catchiness to garner some buzz that lasts past the show. I didn't catch it last weekend, but hunted down the video after I read John Kubicek's article on the Rock of Love 2 skit. Tina Fey as Daisy? How could that work?

Pretty darn well, actually. Between Fey's Daisy, the “mad skin tags” on their non-Rock of Love 2 Amber character and Peyton's repeated shouting about “face time,” the skit was entertaining to those of us who have been watching this season.

A good Saturday Night Live skit can, however, be pretty stinging to the folks who are the butt of its jokes. George Michael seemed so chagrinned by Dana Carvey's “Look at it!!” “perfect buttness” sketch that he even seemed to be making a reference to it in his song “Freedom '90.” So how do the girls of Rock of Love 2 feel about the SNL skit? Daisy and Peyton have weighed in with their thoughts.

Peyton seems to be most put out by the implication that Bret Michael wasn't attracted to her, saying, “OK...even Saturday Night Live spoofed me on SNL regarding the ‘unattractiveness'. Dudes! Bret and I had a total attraction to one another. The scene of me in his room and us talking...well, alot was left out and I knew how he felt about me and he thought I was hot and cool and the total package....but they didn't show that...editing, editing, editing. However, we did not have the love chemistry necessary to take it to another level. But, hey, at least we found out and we will be friends forever...I hope. “

And Daisy…well, Fey's portrayal was pretty funny, but I felt a little bad for Daisy when I read her response. She might be a bit silly on the show, but she does seem like a sweet person. Although she ultimately takes a positive attitude, and even provides a link to the video, she admits it was a little painful at first. Ohmygahd.

“So They Did This Funny Spoof Of The Show On SNL... It Was Great... Even Though I Cried A Little Because They Made Fun Of Me.. I Still Laughed... You Have To Laugh At Your Self Sometimes!! And I will be The first To Admit That Sometimes Im Ridiculous... But Hey Im just me!!”

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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