Rock of Love: Bret Michaels is Busy with Appearances
What else can a rock star do when his hit reality dating series has finished?  Poison front-man and Rock of Love king Bret Michaels has been touring the country promoting his music.  He's been seen in ball games and cook-offs, looking like he thinks this reality is far better than what he's had to deal with on television.

The Rock of Love star was recently seen at downtown Toledo in Ohio.  While he wasn't really scheduled for a concert in the area, he managed to belt out a tune anyway.  Bret Michaels rocked out at Fifth Third Field's Hen House and offered up his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

During the 7th inning stretch, Michaels grabbed the microphone and made his presence known to the sports fans.  Below, you can catch the video of him singing and trying to boost the energy of the crowd.

In addition to his mini-show in Toledo, Bret Michaels was also seen in the Great American Rib Cook-off in Cleveland.  The Rock of Love star took part in a concert, which also featured the band Shinedown.  He closed off the performance which was begun by the opening act Halestorm.

Michaels was introduced by his buddy and bodyguard, Big John.  The Poison front-man then went on with his set, singing the Rock of Love theme, Poison songs and his solo tunes.

Despite having such a busy schedule, Bret Michaels can't help but ask for more.  He's doing what he loves after all, so why not continue?  In an interview with, the rock star stated that he wouldn't mind doing yet another album with his band, Poison.

"I would love to make one, I just want it to be a pleasurable experience," he said.  "My brain is too creative and I don't want to go in there and fight with these guys at this point.  I'd love to do it and if the time is right and everyone's head is in it, that would be great.  We just aren't there now."

With all these projects undertaken by the VH1-famous rock star, there's just one question we can't help but ask.  Whatever happened to Rock of Love Bus winner Taya Parker?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX Toledo Online,, Rolling Stone
(Image Courtesy of VH1)