Rock of Love 2: More About Catherine
At the start of any new reality show season, when the playing field is so full of new characters to meet, it can be hard not to identify cast members primarily by some simplistic attribute rather than a more nuanced consideration of their whole personality. Since we are just getting to know the women on Rock of Love 2, it's likely that most viewers are using some kind of short hand to keep track of who everyone is.

Kristy Joe is the hot germophobe, Ambre's the girl who almost went home, Megan's the blond Playboy model (and Beauty and the Geek 3 winner), Peyton's the husky rocker chick, Daisy's the buxom tattooed lady, Inna's the one whose faux tan makes her look a little…aggressively and artificially matte at times, and Angelique, well Angelique's Angelique; at this point, it's pretty easy to keep track of which one she is.

Since we haven't gotten to know Catherine yet, it's understandable that some viewers might mainly think of her as “the one who's 45-years-old.” But of course, there's more to a person than age.

Catherine offers up some additional details into who she is on her MySpace blog, some of which might explain why she would throw her hat in the ring with the many blond young lasses already angling for a spot in Bret Michaels' heart and/or pants on Rock of Love.

She currently lives in Las Vegas, but is originally from Montana, and, she says, “You can take the girl out of Montana, but you can't take the Montana out of the girl! Love torn jeans, cowboys hats and rocker types, good bad boys, or bad good boys.”

But her country upbringing doesn't mean she doesn't have a sophisticated side, saying, “Lovin' high heels and Cosmo's!! I am a mix of country with a whole LOT of glamour BABY!”

What could appeal to her about the Rock of Love star? She writes, “Music is a huge passion and rocking out with my girlfriends. I'm interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that appears to have no meaning, it seems to me to be the road toward freedom!! But I can still be a rebel with a cause, or without, either way it works for me!”

A taste for chaos will certainly serve her well in the Rock of Love house, and it turns out she did have a little conflict with one of the other girls.

Kristy Joe was seen in interview making a disparaging remark about Catherine's. But, it turns out, the remark was really just the result of a little bit of bad blood between the two of them.

Catherine wrote in her own blog that she and Kristy Joe “had a rough start, a misunderstanding.”

However, the two overcame the differences, and Catherine says, they “are now the best of friends, [and Catherine has come to] love and respect [Kristy Joe] dearly!!!”

Kristy Joe returns the positive sentiment, and also notes that she should not have made the comment about Catherine's age, adding, “I hope at forty-five I am half as beautiful as her.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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