Rock of Love 2: Episode 2 "Peep Show" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Rock of Love 2: 20 babes of varying hotness entered the mansion to have sex/fall in love with Bret Michaels. Erin, Megan, Destiney and Daisy were chosen as the VIPs. In the end, four girls went home, including VIP Erin, and Courtney was also eliminated, but she was upstairs in a drunken stupor, so she got to spend the night in the mansion.

On the next morning in the Rock of Love mansion, Courtney wakes up, and Peyton has the unfortunate honor of being there when she does. Courtney asks what happened, and Peyton tells her that people got eliminated, including Courtney. She takes it surprisingly well, saying that if Bret doesn't want a girl who gets “black-out drunk” then he made the right choice. Still, not since Berger's Post-It has a break-up been so cruel and heartless.

Sara is apparently here on a dare from her friends, which makes me like her a whole lot. Inna, picking up where Lacey left off in season 1, immediately decides that Bret needs to know. In an even more Lacey-like move, she tells big-mouthed Aubry, so that she will tell Bret instead. Aubry goes outside to toss the pigskin with Bret and Big John. When Aubry tells him about Sara, Bret doesn't seem to care because physical attraction is more important than honesty.

Big John hands the girls their first task, and Angelique reads it aloud in that incomprehensible way she does. The other girls think she said something about a talent show, so they prepare. Destiney will do kung-fu, Angelique will bake a chocolate cake and Sara is belly-dancing. Ambre's “talent” is gift wrapping, so she decides to wrap herself up so she can unwrap herself in front of Bret. There's also poetry, dressing up like a stripper, and even a girl who can tie cherry stems with her tongue.

The task is actually a peep show, and the girls each get 30 seconds on stage to impress Bret, and if he likes it, he can use a token to get 15 more seconds. The top three get a date.

Aubry plays the drums, poorly. Destiney's kung-fu is a big hit and she gets 15 extra seconds. Korie simply writes “Merry Me” on a piece of paper. And yes, she misspells it. Kristy Joe irons, which Bret finds erotic, somehow.

Megan is in an American flag bikini and does some magic, which makes Bret's wand stand at attention. Inna seductively ties the cherry stem with her tongue, but Jessica, unimpressed, claims she can do that with her toes. Ambre unwraps herself, slowly enough so Bret has to use a token to get the full picture. Daisy sings in a bikini. Peyton also sings, but dresses like Bret and plays the guitar, which is quite rocking.

Angelique wastes no time being an outright whore. She rips off her top and presses her bare breasts against the peep show booth glass. Then she takes the chocolate mousse she made and licks it off her own breasts. Needless to say, Bret acts like the biggest perv ever.

For the date, Peyton is an obvious choice, and Daisy gets picked too, thanks to her breasts. For the final slot, it's between Kristy Joe and Ambre, and because unwrapping yourself is more of a talent than ironing, Ambre wins. Afterwards the VIPs go to bed, and the remaining girls are treated to an unplugged Bret Michaels concert. Frustrated by girls who go to bed at a reasonable hour, Bret demands a dance-off the next day. He also tells Peyton to wake up the “three or four VIP girls.” Seriously, even he doesn't know who's who in this house yet, because he's already forgotten that he sent VIP Erin home.

Peyton obliges this command, because she would "walk on water" if Bret told her to. And the award for best mixed metaphor goes to Peyton!  Daisy is upset and confused when she wakes up. I notice she sleeps with a stuffed unicorn, which I find ironically awesome.

The next day, Megan, Jessica and Destiney, trying to apologize for sleeping through Bret's concert, decide to make him a card. Did Jessica become an honorary VIP when I wasn't looking?  Inna and Angelique set up the dance floor. The card girls dress up in lingerie and sit right in front of the door to greet Bret. Inna and Angelique copy and dress even sluttier.

Daisy, Peyton and Ambre go off on their date, which involves riding ATVs. At lunch, Peyton and Daisy talk a lot about their love for music, so Bret takes Ambre aside for one-on-one time to see if he has anything in common with her. He determines she's a great kisser.

Rock of Love 2 Dance-Off! Inna and Angelique are guest judges. They'll pick an old school dance move out of a bowl, and the girl must perform it. The three best get VIP passes, which allow them to do anything at anytime with Bret. It turns into a series of unfortunate events as the girls have never heard of most of the dances. Kristy Joe nails the worm, Roxy owns the funky chicken, but what the hell is the shopping cart or the hammer? For deliberation, between Angelique's French and the Ukrainiane Inna, Bret doesn't understand a single word either girl says. Roxy, Destiney and Daisy win. So now Daisy was chosen as a VIP and a winner for the Peep Show and Dance-Off, so she's a clear frontrunner.

Rock of Love 2 Elimination Time! Bret calls Sara out on the dare issue, and she denies it, but Inna debates that.  Bret cuts it short and eliminates Sara. After all is said and done, Niki and Korie are the two others going home. I'm glad this show cuts so much deadweight early on, because two episodes in, I still have no clue who Niki or Korie are. Megan agrees with me, calling them “leftovers.”

On the next episode of Rock of Love 2: Lacey returns to compete in some roller derby against the new group of women. Kristy Joe and Destiney start a feud.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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