Bret Michaels Shares His Thoughts on Life After 'Rock of Love'
Following Bret Michaels' two-season long stint on VH1's Rock of Love, he promised his fans an album and a tour, which is currently underway.  In fact, the rock artist who endured two whole seasons of crazy women living under one roof and vying for his attention admitted to entering the reality series without literally looking for love.  He said that he had high hopes of looking for someone he could make a good connection with, but he did not necessarily mention wanting a girlfriend.  Nonetheless, it seems that Bret has found what he was looking for in Ambre Lake, season 2 winner of Rock of Love.

Following the reality series, Bret Michaels embarked on a nationwide tour to promote his latest album, Rock My World, which recently hit retail stores.  The rocker and former Poison frontman recently spoke to the Associated Content to share his thoughts on his tour.

"I love touring. It's where we can get together, play music and rock the night away," Bret said.  "This tour is a bit more fun for me.  We get to play Poison songs that everyone loves and recognizes from us as well as the new songs from my solo record Go That Far."

The tour is pretty much like the Rock of Love series--anything goes, and Bret will always have his way. In fact, he reveals that "Aside the music, I wanted to bring in pieces of the TV show to really bring out the party! The shows are about enjoying music, hot women and doing what we're known for - rocking the party!"

Looking back on the show, Bret says that he went into it knowing exactly what he wanted--someone to accept him for who and what he was. He says, "I did the show to find someone who could accept my lifestyle."

"I'm out on the road for months and months and that's sometimes hard," Bret explained his desire for someone to understand his job as an entertainer.  "I wanted to find someone who is ready to settle as well and isn't with me for the lights and glamour of being in the spotlight."

Apparently, among all the women who have been a part of Rock of Love, only a few stood out.  In fact, only Ambre Lake emerged to be the most successful, as she now has a stable relationship with the rocker.  It seems that Rock of Love has finally spawned a lasting relationship, unlike most of the other dating shows on TV.

"Ambre...loves my lifestyle.  She's into me.  She loves music.  She's a mature woman," Bret said.  "Before the reunion show for the second season, we'd been keeping in touch despite what the rules said.  We weren't supposed to have contact until the show was over to keep the outcome a secret, but she came to a show, we had been talking."

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Associated Content
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