Bret Michaels Lightens Up about Tonys and Won't Sue
It seems as though the panic involving Bret Michaels' nose has died down, and the rock star himself has loosened up about the whole Tony Awards incident.  He recently talked to People magazine and described what happened to him, even joking around about it.  According to the Poison frontman, one way to explain a set piece hitting him on the face is this: "I got my bell rung!"

The 46-year-old Rock of Love star admitted that the accident was indeed a bit grave for an awards show, but he's learned to just let it go and accept that it happened.  "All in all, I'd like to think I feel okay," he told the publication.  "But I got to be honest with you, I feel pretty beat up."

Who wouldn't be, when the heavens (or the stage handlers, in this case) brings down a huge sign upon you and fractures your nose?  Bret Michaels even suffered from having a split lip due to what occurred during his Rock of Ages musical number.

"I want to make very clear to everybody that - first and foremost - I was honored to be asked to be at the Tonys," Bret said.  "I'd never done it before and in all my life it's not something I thought I'd be on.  I was really excited."

Even though his publicists and spokespeople seem rather pissed off at how those behind the Tony Awards are making a joke out of what happened, Bret assures everyone that he won't go so far as to take it to court.  "There's no lawsuit," the Rock of Love star stated.  "I'm not doing any of that.  I'm taking the high road."

One reason why he won't bother suing the Tonys is that he's incredibly busy.  Later this month, he'll be with his band, Poison, touring the country with Def Leppard.  There's also the issue of his memoir, Roses & Thorns, to be released in the summer.  But despite his packed schedule, he even manages to squeeze in some time for Rock of Love 3 winner Taya Parker.

"We're dating, we're having fun, we'll see what happens," Michaels confessed.  "It's not exclusive, but we're dating and having a great time."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of VH1)