Did 'Riverdale' Just Sneakily Unmask the Black Hood?
Did 'Riverdale' Just Sneakily Unmask the Black Hood?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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In the episode "Tales from the Darkside" Riverdale seemingly took a break from all the Black Hood drama to instead engage in a series of creepy vignettes concerning some of the main characters. While The Black Hood certainly came up, he wasn't the focus for most of the semi-isolated tales. Yet there's still a very real possibility that within one of the vignettes, The Hood made his first appearance without his mask.

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The Devil You Don't Know (Yet)

There have been a ton of Black Hood theories on Riverdale and most of them revolve around the idea that it's someone that has already been introduced or will be introduced. Yet one of the great things about Riverdale is that the show has managed to make the town feel like a real place that's populated with more than named characters. 

Riverdale doesn't begin and end with Archie's family and friends. Archie's just a part of a larger whole. The Black Hood doesn't necessarily have to be someone who's been around since the beginning to be satisfying or make sense.

This is part of the reason that it was so suspicious in Josie's section of "Tales from the Darkside" that Riverdale continually kept panning to Mr. Svenson, a never-before-seen janitor at Riverdale High. While the immediate reason for all this focus on Svenson seemed to be a suggestion that he was Josie's creepy stalker, the end of Josie's story did away with that notion by implying Cheryl was behind the terrifying "love notes." Yet there still should be a reason for all the emphasis on Svenson and it might just be that he's the Black Hood.  

The Evidence for Svenson 

Besides the suspicious way that Riverdale kept showing the janitor when there was no reason to, Svenson fits the bill for a lot of other Black Hood clues. He's the right age, the right build and working at the school he would've attended Betty Cooper's speech. Svenson also would've had access to send Betty the cipher, he would know enough about Betty to know about her favorite book as a child and to keep tabs on her during their phone conversations. 

It should also be mentioned that The Black Hood was looking at Josie and Cheryl during "Tales from the Darkside." It was only when Cheryl and Josie were discussing the latter's stalker which is why it seemed Riverdale was setting Svenson up to be the culprit. Yet the stalker could easily become The Black Hood's next "sinner" he needs to kill. Svenson wasn't listening because he was worried he'd be caught but rather he was trying to get information on a potential victim.

Being a janitor at Riverdale High would be the perfect opportunity to find "sinners" too. The kids talk about their problems constantly right in the hallways of the school. It would be ridiculously easy for Svenson to get all the dirt he needs to pull off his crimes. All The Black Hood's victims can be traced back, in some way, to Riverdale High. 

It could be underwhelming for The Black Hood to be revealed to be a character that wasn't even introduced, let alone named, until the seventh episode of season 2, but the details line up quite well for Svenson. He's the perfect culprit for the killer. While most other theories involve a lot of squinting, concentrating and fudging certain details to make it all piece together, Svenson just works without question.

But what do you think? Is the janitor Svenson the real Black Hood killer? Is that too easy an explanation? Who is your theory for the Hood's identity? 

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