Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to 'AMC' and 8 Fun Facts about 'Ringer' From TCA
Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to 'AMC' and 8 Fun Facts about 'Ringer' From TCA
Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer
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Typically, it's the HBO promos that give me chills, but when Ringer went up on the big screen, I was beyond excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar return to television. She's not only coming back to play one role, but she's come back to play twins!  This is the exact challenge Sarah Michelle Gellar can meet, especially when I think back to some episodes of Buffy where she was required to play against herself. 

The basic premise of Ringer appears to be a bit complicated, to say the least, but it looks like a show filled with mistaken identity and intrigue.  To paraphrase the CW's press release: Bridget is half a year sober and starting to turn her life around when she is the sole witness to a professional murder.  Despite reassurances from the FBI, she knows her life is on the line.  She flees to New York where she meets up with her twin sister Siobhan, who seemingly has the perfect life, where no one knows of Bridget.  Soon Siobhan disappears and Bridget assumes her identity and finds out what she thought would be the safe choice is in fact, the opposite. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar completely owned the press at today's Television Critics Association (TCA) panel, and we found out a number of fun things about her, her characters on Ringer, and her feelings on Buffy.  Also on the panel were the showrunner and executive producers.

Some fun facts in no particular order:

1.  First, totally unrelated to Ringer is the 100 percent confirmation that Gellar will be guest starring for one day on All My Children, the soap opera where she got her start, before it goes off the air. However, it's unclear what role she will be playing as she mention it won't be Kendall.

2.  For Ringer, she sometimes has to play as many as four different characters a day, including character flashbacks. 

3.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is fiercely proud of the legacy of Buffy, despite being tied to it for so long.

4.  This series is no Lost.  The showrunner, Pam Veasey, made sure to mention that she has at least the first two seasons mapped out.

5.  Gellar admitted to missing television and said that it seemed like all the great women roles are on television these days.  She sited Damages as a great example of this.

6.  She's excited to be able to hold a gun since Buffy was a stake girl, and never dealt with guns. 

7.  Michelle Stafford, who plays Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (etc.) on Young and the Restless will be guest starring as a New York socialite on the show. Other guest stars include Jaime Murray (Spartacus) and Zoey Deutch (Mayor Cupcake). 

8.  Nestor Carbonell (Lost) and Ioan Gruffudd (Horrible Bosses) also acted on soap operas before getting other roles. 

9.  Gellar is all for Los Angeles pretending to be New York City.  She said, "Being a jaded New Yorker, I'd be the first person to say 'that set doesn't look like New York,' but I like the L.A. version of New York!" 

If the promo is any indication of how good this show is going to be, get ready for fall. 

Ringer premieres Tuesday, September 13 at 9pm.  Keep following @TVTherapy and @BuddyTV for more information on everything television related. 

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