'Ringer' Season 1 Preview Guide: Twice the Fun, Double the Trouble
'Ringer' Season 1 Preview Guide: Twice the Fun, Double the Trouble
Ringer season 1 marks Sarah Michelle Gellar's highly-anticipated return to network television. The beloved cult heroine (formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) stars as twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan, whose lives are more than a little complicated. Bridget is lying low in protective custody as she prepares to testify against a powerful crime boss, when she spooks and flees to find her sister in New York. But when sis Siobhan goes missing, Bridget decides to assume her sister's identity in order to stay under the radar, not knowing that Siobhan has plenty of her own problems to content with. The series also stars Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha, and Lost's Nestor Carbonell.

What to Expect on Ringer Season 1:

One hurdle in Siobhan's life that Bridget will have to tackle is her twin's many suitors. Gruffudd plays Siobhan's husband, Polaha her lover, and Justin Bruening has been cast as another man interested in the wealthy woman. And if her sister's messy love life is not enough to deal with, Bridget will also inherit Siobhan's step-daughter, a role that was recently recast.

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But Siobhan is not the only one with multiple men in her life. Nestor Carbonell plays Bridget's FBI handler, a man supposedly on the side of good but who may have some unpleasant secrets of his own. And one can only hope Bridget's AA sponsor (played by Mike Colter) will make his way to NYC and help Bridget come to terms with the many troubles she has acquired. Not to forget that previously mentioned crime boss Bridget is running from.

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Though the series is full of mysterious, one potential issue is addressed right out of the gate when it is revealed that Siobhan did not tell anyone in her life that she has a twin, so there is no reason for her loved ones to suspect an identity swap. But one mystery that will not be solved early on is what the twins are really after.

Ringer's executive producers teased that Ringer season 1 will see one twin seeking revenge while the other searches for redemption but that both characters would be shrouded in moral ambiguity. However, with the creators said to have three-year plan mapped out for the show, we should be getting many of our questions answered -- eventually.

While the thriller aspects and shades of grey are certainly a selling point, most of the buzz around Ringer season 1 has been about the show's lead. It has been said that, between flashbacks and one sister posing as another, Sarah Michelle Gellar will actually be playing five characters instead of just the two, giving viewers as much SMG as they could want after the fan favorite's eight-year television hiatus.

Ringer season 1 will premiere on the CW at 9pm on Tuesday, September 13.

Megan Cole
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