'Ringer' Recap: It All Falls Down
'Ringer' Recap: It All Falls Down
We have entered into the final act of the classic Greek tragedy that is known as Ringer. This is when all the pieces should really start coming together, and we all prepare for the cathartic release of a fulfilling season finale. But before we reach that point, there are a few webs of deception to weave, and this episode did just that.

Card Readings

Victor is interviewing Bridget and Andrew about the Tarot card that he found on the man who shot Andrew. They tell him that they don't know anything about it, and Victor reminds them that their lives are constantly in danger until Macawi is caught. Good fear-mongering, Vic. Andrew yells at him for being a terrible cop and putting everyone in danger, and Victor leaves feeling dejected. Poor, poor, Victor.

Henry has his own set of problems. After telling Time, his father in law, that he should invest in Martin/Charles, followed by giving him information about it being a Ponzi scheme a week later, Tim isn't answering any of his calls. Siobhan reminds Henry that they need to get the flash drive so they can control the situation, when Henry smartly replies that Tim having the information is just as good, and the results will remain the same. He then happily tells her that Bridget won't be killed by Andrew because she is a good wife and a better person for him. Way to twist the knife!

Good Cop, Bad Cop

At the penthouse, Andrew is having to deal with frantic investors who are worried about Olivia's departure from the company. It is never said if they ever found Olivia, or just assume that she's dead, but I guess that doesn't really matter. Bridget tells Juliet that she shouldn't meet with Catherine because she is dangerous, and a complete nut job, but Juliet has never been one to take good advice.

Bridget meets with Solomon in his car and tries to call her old Detective friend Jimmy, only to be told that he is in prison for Shaylene's murder. She knows that it was Macawi, and then comes to the conclusion that she should have trusted Victor instead of Jimmy. She then tells Solomon that she will testify for Victor. She tries to call him but he is too busy staking out the dry cleaner's. He sees a sketchy bald guy, and confronts him because if you are bald with a goatee, you are clearly a criminal. He finds out the guy was smuggling money in a suit and soon beats him into a bloody pulp in front of a bunch of gawking tourists. Damn tourists, let the man do his job!

Let's Make a Deal

Juliet meets with Terrible Catherine, and tells her she hasn't forgiven her for stealing her dad's money and having her friend beat to a pulp, but instead apologizing for running away from her. She then tells her that Andrew is having financial troubles, in part due to the settlement, and that he is selling his Palm Springs property for cash. Juliet suggests Catherine should buy the property to keep it in the family, and to help out Andrew. Catherine agrees to meet with a potential buyer to talk to him about the property. He is named Tobias, but he's not a never-nude, unfortunately. It looks like Catherine is working both sides of the deal ... as usual.

Meanwhile, Henry confronts Tim outside his office and is assured that the flash drive will be put to good use. That sounds pretty ominous. Also, Victor is suspended for his reckless beating of a guy.

Unhappy Hour

Bridget finally meets up with Victor, who is drowning his sorrows in a bar. She tells him that she would "act like Bridget" and testify on her behalf for him. He tells her that it is a stupid idea that would only work in an old Olsen Twins VHS, but he has a better idea. He wants to stage a fake murder of Bridget and videotape it. This way everyone would think she was dead. Because no one is suspicious of a drug murder that is conveniently videotaped perfectly. Outside, Siobhan is watching and she has a really strange fantasy about shooting Bridget in the face. I don't know why this scene was included, because I had to watch it twice to realize that it was a day dream.

On the sales front, Catherine visits a rundown Andrew and offers to buy the Palm Springs property for $3 million, which he calls low ball and refuses. They then reminisce about summers in that house and Catherine ends up sucking face with Andrew. Andrew tells her to give him a better offer, and the house is hers. The next day Catherine transfers $10 million (the sum of his settlement money) to Andrew and goes to meet Tobias. Instead she finds Andrew, who set up the whole scheme with Juliet to get his money back. It looks like Catherine was out-Catherine'd.

Full Circle

Tim promised Henry he would put the flash drive to good use, and he does. He tells the police about Henry's involvement in Tyler's death and Henry is brought it for questioning. He denies the allegations, but things aren't looking too good for our favorite neglecting father.

Victor and Bridget start to set up the fake death scene, but are having some complications. Victor is called and told that the dead body they found connected to Malcolm was not the shooter in the loft. As soon as this happens another masked gunman appears and tries to kill Bridget. She smears some fake blood on herself and acts shot, which gives Victor time to kill the man. It turns out that he was the creepy phone guy from the beginning of the season. After his death, he gets a call on his cell phone and it turns out Catherine is behind the attempted hits. Just when I thought that she couldn't get any more awful...

Another episode down as we slowly crawl closer to the end of Ringer's first (and only?) season. The intrigue is building, and it looks like consequences are finally starting to occur for bad decisions.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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