'Ringer' Recap: Catherine's Accomplice Revealed!
'Ringer' Recap: Catherine's Accomplice Revealed!
If there is one thing that can be said about Ringer, it is that it isn't afraid to push the envelope of believability. Sure, it's over-the-top, but that's what makes it enjoyable. This show is the zenith of trash television, and I mean that as a total compliment.

Danger in the House

This week's episode takes off immediately where we left off last week with Bridget realizing that Catherine is the person who is trying to kill her. After Bridget passes out from her spiked tea, Catherine gets to work writing a phony suicide note. She then pulls Bridget into the bathtub and turns on the water, leaving pills scattered all over the floor. The final piece of her full-proof plan is to write a note saying she is at therapy, and she leaves the apartment. The only problem is that she left the cell phone behind that implicates her in about 74 crimes, so she has to go upstairs to find it. Before she does, Andrew comes home to tell Bridget the good news about his business possibly being saved. He hears the tub running, but thinks that Catherine is secretly using the tub, until he sees water seeping in the hallway. He goes inside and finds Bridget nearly drowned, and when he rescues her, he finds Catherine pointing a gun at him.

While this is all happening, Victor is trying to get to the apartment to help, but before he can leave his building, he is taken into FBI offices and told that he is going back to Wyoming for messing with the case while suspended. He agrees to leave as long as people are sent to check in on the Martin's.

Unhelpful Help

Catherine tells the couple, including a now very lucid Bridget (I guess nearly drowning to death wears off the effect of any and all drugs,) that she is going to kill them and make it look like Bridget found out Andrew was having an affair with Catherine and pulled the trigger. This sounds like a great idea, and surely nothing can go wrong. She has to delay her plan though when the FBI agents appear at the apartment to check things out. Andrew tells them that everything is fine while Catherine has Bridget hostage in the bathroom. They call her phone and she tells them that they are not in any trouble. Before they leave, Andrew thinks about slipping them a note, but chickens out, because if he told them the episode wouldn't nearly be exciting enough.

Of course, Bridget can't be the only twin who is getting into crazy situations. Siobhan learns that Henry is barred from seeing his kids (is that really that different from the rest of this season?). Henry also tells her that the only evidence against him in the murder of Tyler is the maid's testimony. Siobhan decides to try blackmailing the maid with forged passports at her house, but learns that the maid is also a high class prostitute, because why not.

The Circle of Life

While at the maids house, a client comes over, and Bridget is forced to hide in a closet. She sees the maid and the client start to do drugs and get it on, and I can't help but be reminded of that terrible album R-Kelly put out while being in the same situation. If the awkwardness of that situation isn't bad enough, Siobhan starts to go into labor. The maid and her John do more drugs, and the maid overdoses and dies. Well, it looks like that's one less thing to worry about.

Back in the apartment of terror, Catherine makes a panicked phone call to her confidant. Who can it be? Why not Olivia? No one will see that coming! It turns out Catherine and Olivia have been working together to get rid of Siobhan, as well as sleeping together. Once again, trash television at it's finest. Olivia is mad at Catherine for taking hostages (now including Juliet who came home.)

Can You Hear Me Now?

While Catherine and her lover argue on the phone, Bridget has Juliet grab the phone under the couch and calls Victor. She hides the phone and has Catherine explain her whole plan, including where Olivia is hiding. Victor hears all of this and heads towards Olivia's house. Once there he has her call Catherine and make her go over there. Catherine says she's not leaving without killing "Siobhan" so Bridget offers to go with her as a hostage.

In the hospital, Siobhan goes into surgery to deliver her twins. Henry is waiting in the hallway and gets a text from his lawyer about the death of the maid. he then talks to Siobhan and tells her the news, and she acts like she has doesn't know anything about it. Henry then lets her rest, but tells her doctor that he wants a paternity test to be done on the twins. This may get interesting.

Foiled Again

Catherine and Bridget arrive at Olivia's. Victor waits inside with his gun drawn, and Bridget gets away from Catherine and runs inside. Catherine follows her and finds Victor waiting to arrest her. In true crazy person fashion, Catherine attempts to shoot Olivia for the trap, but Bridget knocks the gun out of her hands and chases her outside. It is there that Catherine is finally arrested. At this point, I'm hoping for a crazy jailbreak scene down the road, because every other twist has been exhausted.

Not a bad penultimate episode, and if this is any indication on how the finale next week will be, we're all in for a treat. Who knows if there is only one more episode of Ringer left, or we'll be treated for seasons to come, so let's just sit back and enjoy the show.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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