'Revolution' Interviews: Cast Teases Trip Back to Present Day with Power, 'A Revolution Vacation'
'Revolution' Interviews: Cast Teases Trip Back to Present Day with Power, 'A Revolution Vacation'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
At the end of last Wednesday's Revolution, Aaron attempted to destroy the nanites. He was altering their code when he woke up in bed with his wife, Priscilla, in a world with power. He went back to the present day: March 5, 2014.

By changing the code, was Aaron physically transported back in time to a world that never experienced the blackout? Or, is there something much different going on? 

Last week, I visited the Revolution set with a group of reporters and we asked the cast about this unusual episode. Their enthusiasm for filming the episode is apparent as they talk about it. Watch their responses below.

Elizabeth Mitchell Interview: "It's a Revolution vacation."

Rachel is "who she hoped to be." Mitchell is excited about Elizabeth's relationship with Monroe during the episode. The characters are different than who they are in the post-blackout future. 

They cracked up on set, especially watching David Lyons play this alternative version of Monroe. Mitchell describes the fun they had filming the episode.

It's not all fun though. She says, there is "malicious underlying" to what happens.

David Lyons - "Bloody sense of survival"

Lyons says that Monroe's "completely different." Monroe went into the Marines to be with his brother, Miles. The blackout changed him by what he was able to do to survive. That power was addictive to Monroe.

Those 15 years gave Monroe a "very bloody sense of survival." He becomes a scrapper. Without the blackout, he never would have developed that sense of self.

Billy Burke Interview - "That was so much fun."

Burke had fun filming the episode. It was "a departure" for the show. Everyone sees what they would have been if the blackout never happened.

The blackout gave Miles "a sense of purpose." Before that he had no direction in his life.

Could Ben show up? Burke's response was "I don't know." But, he said it's possible that Ben will return in Revolution season 2.

Will we see Charlie in 2014? Based on the official photo from the episode, it looks like Tracy Spiridakos somehow appears as an adult in the flashback to March 5, 2014. She would have only been a child for real then.

During the press interviews, all Spiridakos would say is that "Charlie is Charlie." And, from the photo it appears the future Charlie is transported to the past present day. Or, is this a sign that it's all a dream?

Revolution airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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