'Revolution' Recap: What is Rachel Hiding About the Tower?
'Revolution' Recap: What is Rachel Hiding About the Tower?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Jim Hudson was revealed as the traitor, and Rachel chose a grenade as a welcoming present for Monroe. In tonight's 19th episode, "Children of Men," Charlie and the others make it into the Tower but come up against significant resistance, and Grace returns with some bad news. Read on to find out what the Revolution writers have in store for us this week.

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Monroe Enters the Tower

To the despair of everyone everywhere, Rachel's grenade attack does not go as planned and Monroe is still alive. He takes Rachel into custody and forces her to give him access to the Tower. Rachel has no interest in helping Monroe, but Randall -- choosing self-preservation over the safety of humanity -- tells Monroe that they can do anything and kill anyone in the world from the Tower, as long as they get to Level 12.

But as we already know, getting to Level 12 is not easy and Monroe's group is stopped at Level 11. As they try to take the stairs to Level 12, a group of mysterious fighters -- apparently stationed at the Tower -- attack Monroe's men. Rachel and Monroe escape the attack but get trapped in a bunker. Monroe claims that the only way they can get out alive is if they help each other, but Rachel is hesitant to help the man who murdered her son.

Divide and Conquer

Team Charlie plus Neville arrive at the Tower and run into Aaron. While the Neville men distract Monroe's troops, Aaron uses the over-ride code to get them into the Tower, but the Neville men get left behind. Charlie and co. reach Level 11 and are pursued by the same fighters who attacked Monroe's people. With Nora's help, Miles manages to get his hands on one of the powerful coil guns these fighters carry, but he also manages to get separated from Aaron and Charlie.

Meanwhile, the Neville men are captured by the militia. Neville tries to convince the soldiers that Monroe is unfit to lead, and Jason backs him up, saying that Neville would be a better leader. The Neville men get through to one of the soldiers, who frees them and says the others will fall in line if they take out the one guy still loyal to Monroe. They prepare to stage a revolt, but will they be able to maintain their truce long enough to succeed?
Grace Drops a Bombshell

In the Bunker of Loathing, Monroe continues to push Rachel into helping him. Though Rachel knows she has as much blood on her hands as he does, she still has no intention of helping the man who murdered her child, yet that changes when she spots Charlie on the Tower cameras. Monroe also spots Charlie -- and Miles -- and agrees to keep Charlie safe if Rachel will give him access to a gun and a way out of the bunker.

Monroe keeps his word and saves Charlie from one of the mysterious fighters before going after Miles. That safety does not last long, though, as Charlie, Rachel and Aaron are then captured by the mysterious fighters. This is troublesome at first, but we realize everything is okay when Rachel recognizes a few of the fighters. The leader of the group says the Tower fighters dismantled the elevator and sealed themselves inside so they could prevent people from accessing Level 12.

Grace is also among the group of Tower fighters, and as happy as I am to see her alive and well, I am less thrilled with the news she delivers. After telling Aaron that he is a big-shot in Tower-land, Grace helps to burn Jane's journal, seemingly destroying their only way of turning the power back on. Grace then explains that the Tower might turn the power back on, but it could also set the world on fire. While that is a valid thing to be concerned about, the show was renewed for season 2, so that scenario is unlikely.

Looming Questions

Where did Randall disappear to after the Tower fighters attacked and why did he want to gain access to the Tower in the first place? Has Grace decided to join the ranks of the Tower fighters and what will happen to those people if the power is turned back on and they no longer have anything to protect?

Will Neville take over the Monroe Republic or will Foster and what remains of the Georgian forces beat him to the punch? And how can Aaron be so important in this battle for the Tower power if he knows nothing about it? Will these questions be answered in next week's season finale?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Have the Neville men finally made peace or will one of them turn on the other? Are you looking forward to another Miles vs. Monroe showdown? And was anyone else disappointed that the Tower is not actually killing people? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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