'Revolution' Recap: Redemption and the Nanite Whisperer
'Revolution' Recap: Redemption and the Nanite Whisperer
Bill King
Bill King
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After two quality episodes of Revolution, we were bound to need a setup show, and that's exactly what we got with "Come Blow Your Horn." It was more exposition than anything else, as the only three real plot points you need to know if you missed the show are as follows. Then we'll take a closer look at some of the details.

First, Dr. Horn captures Aaron and Cynthia and tortures them to figure out how Aaron uses his nanites to self-heal and create fire. This is because Horn has a terminal brain tumor. Next, Dr. Porter creates a diversion and is taken prisoner in order to allow Miles, Rachel and Charlie escape the Patriots. Finally, Tom Neville recruits Secretary Allenford's husband and convinces him to kill his wife to stay in the country's good graces. And that's the quick and dirty version.

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Aaron, Cynthia and Monroe are holed up in the boat yard, waiting for Miles to show up, while everyone in town is searching for him. At first, Monroe kills a bunch of guys to protect him, but once the cavalry arrives, he bolts to save himself. After all, everyone still thinks he's dead. Without him, Aaron and Cynthia are caught pretty quickly.

They are brought to the basement of the town paper factory, which is Dr. Horn's headquarters and the perfect place to bring a guy who can make things spontaneously burst into flames. Horn cuts Aaron several times and is amazed to find that he quickly heals. 

It turns out his nanites respond to physical injuries with a defensive self-preservation mechanism, but the fire he produces is triggered by emotion. So stage two is torturing Cynthia to see if Aaron is capable of using his nanites to heal other people. He leaves the room first, though, just in case paper is flammable.

This Week's Flashbacks Go To...

Dr. Horn! It turns out that 18 years before the blackout, Horn's mom was on her deathbed. But since it was 1994, prayer was the only thing the family had to try and heal her. Horn suggests they try medicine, but his dad doesn't believe in interfering with God's will. Again, it is 1994. 

Horn gets her pills anyway, but his mom still dies. Then his dad finds the meds, blames her death on his son and smacks him around a bit. So that is seemingly why Horn became a doctor, because his dad relied on prayer and miracles to save lives, when medicine is clearly a better alternative. In 1994. 

But now that he has terminal cancer and has run out of options, miracles, even if they are man made, are all he has left. Still, he is pretending that his real motivation to help the Patriots take back America, town by town, at a faster pace. The man with the biggest gun still makes the rules.

The State of the Resistance

With Miles, Rachel and Charlie holed up inside an abandoned cabin at the Willoughby Municipal Pool, they resort to torturing Patriot soldiers in an effort to find out where Horn is hiding out. Miles only uses his left hand in the punching/slapping (I rewound to check for continuity), because righty is still a mangled mess. And he apparently has some sort of blood infection or something. It's quite gross.

Meanwhile, Truman and Dr. Porter tell the townspeople that Miles and Aaron are behind the bombing, but that Rachel and Charlie were manipulated and had nothing to do with it.

Doc Porter gives up Aaron's location around the same time that the Patriot gives up the location of the HQ. It's always been one of Rachel's dreams to cook with her daughter, so they mix a deadly gas bomb that will kill everyone in the compound. 

Charlie uses a dog whistle to distract the guards while Rachel sneaks onto the roof via fire escape, because I can't imagine why the Patriots would bother having someone on or watching the roof when a bunch of known fugitives are on the loose. 

Rachel is about to decide whether to drop the bomb down a pipe even though her dad is inside, but Miles makes the call to abort after seeing Aaron and Cynthia brought inside. 

Dr. Porter's Sort-Of Redemption

Porter is dismissed by Horn, who promises he'll lay off the womanhunt for his daughter, but is quickly kidnapped by the resistance. Rachel and Charlie grill him on why he did what he did, and he insists it was for their safety and that if the price is them hating him, so be it. 

He also blames his early actions, before he knew what the Patriots were about, on the death of his wife, because medicine ensures that no one else had to die like she did. He asks if Miles or Rachel have ever done anything good for a bad reason? But in my experience, they both tend to do bad things for good reasons. Doesn't mean either is justifiable, but we all have questionable morals in the post-apocalyptic future. 

The Patriots arrive on the scene, and Porter volunteers to create a diversion so the rest can make a run for it. He holds a knife to Truman's throat but is quickly overpowered and captured.

It's hard to give Dr. Porter too much credit for sacrificing himself in order to give Miles, Rachel and Charlie time to escape, especially considering he only did it after they abducted him and after he turned in Aaron. But at least he does something nice for his loved ones for a change. 

Major Tom Makes a Friend

Tom Neville heads to Glendon to meet with Secretary Allenford's husband, Roger, who is the talk of the town after his wife went traitor by writing a letter. He offers to let Roger bring his wife in himself, in order to stay on the "right" side of history, in exchange for an influential friendship.

Roger has second thoughts on the way, but Tom convinces him that even though he loves his wife, he can't run away with her because they'll be found and killed. And it'll also be bad news for his son if they both go rogue. Roger agrees, says he must be realistic, tells his wife he loves her and then shoots her in the chest. It's super romantic how upset he is afterwards. 

Jason is also struggling to overcome his reprogramming, choking Allenford nearly to death when she tries to convince him to let her go. But I guess he's mostly alright. It's not quite Naked Gun-esque where he must kill the queen. At least not yet.

What's Next?

Miles, Charlie and Rachel are still on the run, but now they are determined to rescue Aaron, Cynthia AND Dr. Porter. Aaron apparently goes full-on terminal Hulk after watching Cynthia get tortured, and while we don't know details yet, there are a whole lot of dead bodies. And I have no idea what's next for Major Tom and Jason. 

As I said last week, I'm still not sure where this season is headed, why tiny Willoughby is an important battleground or what the point of any of this is, really. Surely there must be a ton of things going on around the country that would be pertinent. What do you think it all means?

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