'Revolution' Recap: Exposition Turns to Action
'Revolution' Recap: Exposition Turns to Action
Bill King
Bill King
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It would appear that Revolution is putting together a little streak of explicitly telling us the stuff that's happening. After last week's "Exposition Road" offered insight into the back stories of the only two characters we probably didn't care about -- Truman and Doyle -- now they are diving into explaining "Why We Fight."

Despite the annoyances of "tell-me-don't-show-me" exposition, this episode was half action-packed awesomeness with important plot developments and half bizarre decision making and questionable motivations that back up the "what's the point of all this" issues I've had all season.

That being said, "Why We Fight" ends up being a very important episode that also reinforces why audiences love Monroe the most even though he's a homicidal psychopathic wannabe emperor sociopath. Even though he's bloodthirsty and insane, at least we know why he's doing it. And yes, they literally ask each character what he or she is fighting for. 

 Revolution Cast on Charlie's New Leadership Role 

Intersection Deception

The plot lines all kind of intersect in this one, with the exception of the Aaron-Priscilla-Nanite Baby story, which is completely absent. The happy family is presumably walking from Lubbock the entire time, so they're dealing with custody issues and don't have time for the Patriots.

Likewise, the side plot of Miles and Dr. Porter heading to Willoughby to recruit allies serves the sole purpose of getting Miles out of the way, so that Monroe can reclaim power and lead the Battle of Most Important Reeducation Camp I. 

Rachel sits completely on the sidelines, outside of her overly-judgey attitude and belief that they can't kill children who are being programmed to kill them. 

King Monroe and the Convenient Army of New Vegas

After Porter and Miles venture off on a pointless quest to find soldiers, the remaining members of our crew conveniently stumble across some. Bromance buddies Miles and Monroe have been bickering about whether or not to take the fight to the Patriots, particularly after Miles let cadet Kyle live. That little scamp has already led Doyle, Truman, and Co. to the gang's last safehouse. 

The group of about two dozen men is out out for blood after they were ambushed by the Pats shortly after Monroe left Vegas. And I'm not sure if it's an admission that Jenny from The League couldn't quite pull off portraying a warlord, but nameless New Vegas super trooper explains that she had her face blown clean off and thus will not be making another appearance until fantasy football season.

With the newfound resources, Monroe plans an immediate surprise assault on the reeducation camp, which is a pretty spectacular strategy in the position they are in, whether he is motivated by a father-son empire or not. Otherwise, what are they hoping to accomplish? 

A skeptical Rachel looks on disapprovingly from afar, especially after Charlie decides to participate in the attack.

The Return to Willoughby 

Dr. Porter's and Miles' journey back to the tiny Texas town is basically a waste, but it allows Miles to avoid condoning the obviously necessary mission into the camp and also gives him numerous opportunities for humorous one-liners. He and Gene head to the bar to work on ex-doctor-lover Marion, but she's been convinced that Miles is a terrorist bomber and that Gene had a home loaded with explosives and a journal detailing every imaginary detail of the dastardly plot. 

Oh, and it turns out she is currently engaged to Truman, who arrives for dinner and traps them in the establishment's basement. While they're down there, they decide that complete silence is overrated as a precautionary measure, and they instead discuss the point of all the fighting. 

Miles is convinced that in times of duress, people always do the stupid, selfish thing, and he is fighting to make up for all the times he fit that bill. Also, he is hoping to keep Gene's girls alive. There is no way to make things better, as war and blood only make things worse. Porter says that if he's not fighting for anything, and only to battle back against his demons, then it's no wonder he keeps losing.

Thankfully, they happened to put enough doubts in Marion's head to make her question Truman, and when his answers are less than satisfactory, she decides to help them sneak out. 

Gus Fring to the Rescue

As for Tom Neville, he continues to butter up the lackey-boy chip on Truman's shoulder in an effort to get him to poison Doyle, but the Chief of Staff read the magic numbers tattoed on Jason's eyelid and now knows everything about Tom's plan. 

He takes him captive. He ties him up in a chair next to Jason, says he's going to order Julia's death, and begins to strangle him with his belt hoping that Tom's last thought will be that Doyle is the man who destroyed his family.

Luckily for Tom, this is all going on at the reeducation camp, and Monroe's men storm the area before Tom's final breaths. He breaks out of his bonds, kills Doyle with the belt, and frees Jason before they flee the escalating violence.

The Battle of Most Important Reeducation Camp I

As for the fight itself, it's a bloodbath. Charlie and Connor kill multiple Patriots and cadets, and once it's all ove Monroe walks around gleefully shooting any survivors. He finds Doyle and deduces that his death was not at the hands of a rebel, and he also finds a book written in Arabic that super trooper takes to have translated.

They all return to their camp to celebrate the victory with booze and debauchery, and Monroe is proud of his son. Rachel, on the other hand, asks how Charlie could have been a part of all this. She responds that Monroe is delusional and will never regain his empire, and that she is fighting for herself and no one else. 

Rachel, on the other hand, is fighting for Charlie and the hopes that her 22-year-old offspring won't end up just like her. It's a real Cats-in-the-Cradle moment, even though Rachel is clearly not like that anymore, and not just because the old Rachel wouldn't have dated her upstanding husband's murderous brother. Now, she just wants tea and diplomacy. 

The Escape from Willoughby

Marion gives Miles and Gene their opportunity at the exact moment the Patriot survivors flood into Willoughby. The attack is blamed on Miles, and Marion immediately regrets her decision and sells out the basement dwellers. 

As a pack descends on the bar and Gene is shot in the shoulder, Miles grabs a bottle, breaks it over a Patriot head, stabs him repeatedly with the rest of it, grabs the gun, and shoots everyone else. They leave through a side door and are apparently not followed, as is the Revolution way.

Meanwhile, Truman figures out what actually happened with Tom, who suggests that Truman blame the whole thing on terrorists and Doyle's incompetence, retake control of the town, and maybe let him live. Truman ponders.

Now What?

Miles and Gene make it back to home base, and the bullet went straight through the good doctor, so he'll be fine. Miles punches Monroe in the face and is like, "I leave for five minutes and you attack the camp?"

And he's like, yeah, dude, we got all these guys now and isn't that the point of all this? Get pissed off or get on board and take the fight to the Pats. Then super trooper passes off the book translation, which says the Patriots plan is to take the reeducated cadets to Austin, take down the Texas government and kill their president. Dun da dunnnnnn. 

So moves are finally being made and it appears that actual goals and points might be taking shape. Call me crazy, but I get everyone's motivations except for Miles and Rachel. Why are they even part of this group if they're against strategic offensives and building a fighting force that can actually give the Patriots a run for their money? The only downside is that it took 17 episodes for them to assemble anything resembling as much.

So what now? Do they take the fight to Austin? Should they try to avoid violence for the first time in show history? And if they somehow stop the Patriots from taking over the country, then what happens? Territories with individual leaders? Even if the bearers of the stars and stripes have to use force to reunite the country, isn't that how our nation was founded in the first place?

What are your thoughts moving forward, and what do you hope to see the rest of the season, and at what cost? As the promo promises us, one of our favorites will pay the ultimate price when Revolution returns in two weeks. 

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