'Revolution' Recap: Another One Bites the Dust
'Revolution' Recap: Another One Bites the Dust
Bill King
Bill King
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Dare I say Revolution has turned itself around? After a very mediocre start to the second season, things are reaching a crescendo nicely as we inch towards the finale. For a solid three-fourths of what we've seen so far, I poo-pooed the heck out of the lack of focus and general point of what we were working towards.

Well, I'm still not sure of the answers to those questions, but I also no longer care, because stuff is finally happening, and it's entertaining to watch.

After the bloodbath massacre that was the last episode, we were promised the death of a major character this time around, in "Austin City Limits." Well, kudos to everyone who had Jason in your office Revolution Death Pool, which according to the last poll was about 20 percent, because Charlie blew away her former romantic interest with a close-range blast from a sniper rifle that was meant for the President of Texas.

The whole thing was a big setup for an awesome final 10 minutes. So how did we get here? Let's recap, shall we?

Side Plots Out of the Way

The main story revolves around Miles, Monroe, Connor, Charlie and Jason traveling to Austin to stop whatever it is the Patriots sent the reeducated cadets there to do. We know bits and pieces of the plan because one of Duncan's guys can translate the Arabic journal they found after pillaging the reeducation camp near Willoughby. But more on that in a bit. 

The episode opens with Tom and Jason having a spat that leads to a falling out. Jason is terrified of what he's capable of as an eyelid-tattooed cadet, but dear old dad tells him to keep his s**t together and be a man so they can kill Monroe and save wife Julia. Jason argues that his mom is already dead and that the Patriots are lying, just like Tom is lying to himself, but his son is here, now, asking for help. Tom tells him to stop being a wuss and walk it off, so Jason stalks off into the woods. 

Meanwhile, Aaron and Priscilla are still walking from Lubbock to Willoughby when Aaron begins noticing weird stuff about his ex-wife. She has super hearing, doesn't sleep, and doesn't give a crap about her kids or family. She denies it, but eventually comes clean that it's really the nanites that are occupying her body. But unlike how Aaron fought his way back to reality, Priscilla has accepted the Matrix and is currently making pretend breakfast for her daughters. 

The nano promises not to hurt Priscilla, as they just want to experience eating apples and having sex and learning what it's like to be human. All Aaron has to do is act as their guide. They make it back to Willoughby, where Rachel stayed behind to care for Dr. Gene's gunshot wound. They are reunited in the midst of an armed rebellion targeting Patriot camps, so yeah, it feels kinda good. Rachel hugs Aaron and warns Duncan's men about the dangers of following Monroe. 

The Yellow Brick Road to Austin

Jason had to hold Connor hostage to get access to the rebel camp, but once he's inside, he convinces them that he wants payback and will be an asset in Austin. Miles and Monroe reluctantly agree, and the five of them set out to stop the attack. 

Jason proves invaluable right off the bat thanks to his knowledge of Patriot tactics, pointing out security measures like trip wires and floorboard grenades to help them infiltrate the Patriots' living quarters. 

A piece of paper in the fireplace suggests the next assassination target is former President Frank Blanchard, who despises Miles and Monroe, so they pay him a visit. 

Paddle the Politician

Miles and Monroe climb onto a balcony and break into Blanchard's home, where they find him tied up and getting whipped by a hooker named Walnut. Monroe takes a few practice swings before they untie the ex-pres and tell him about the Patriots' plan. 

He believes them because last week a senator got popped by a kid assassin with California papers who immediately took his own life. So the good ol' U.S. of A. is trying to incite a war between the two provinces to decimate both before the Pats sweep in. 

Blanchard is fired up about the news and draws up plans to get everyone in Texas craving red, white and blue blood, while Monroe rails on Miles about not being the emotionless cold-blooded killer he used to be, which is all Rachel's fault. He asks that Miles just appreciate that things are finally going their way ... that is, of course, until one of Blanchard's hookers stabs him repeatedly and kills herself before two Texas Rangers storm in and recognize Monroe as the man they put to death earlier this season. 

Sebastian fires a shot into a lantern and bounces with Miles during the ensuing explosion. 

Jason Gets Revenge

Back in the room, Jason jumps a man about to enter with gun drawn. It turns out to be the cadet handler, and Jason convinces Charlie to uncuff him so that he can torture intel out of his former trainer.

The answers don't come until after harsh words from the Patriot about Jason's conversion, including such classic zingers as "You gave in faster than a fat chick on prom night." Charlie assures him he's more than just a weapon, and then it's cuttin' time.

Miles and Monroe make it back just in time to hear that the next assassination target is General Carver during the State of the Nation address. Monroe argues they should let it happen, as Carver is the man who executed him and he's holding a grudge. 

Stopping the Assassination, Private Ryan Style

The gang heads off to the presidential address, completely unaware of what they are looking for -- the strategy is keep your eyes open, look for Willoughby kids and hope for a break - which doesn't quite happen. The owner of the room being rented by the Patriots recognizes Jason and reads off his eyelid number, then orders him into what I imagine is a book depository with a sniper rifle to serve as the backup plan.

Charlie follows him into the building while Carver introduces the newest class of Texas Rangers, and Miles and Monroe recognize one of the recruits as Kyle, the Willoughby cadet that Miles had let escape earlier in the season.

Jason attacks Charlie and strangles her near to death before she is able to grab a knife and stab him in the leg. But that just makes him want to strangle her harder, which he does before she kicks him off of her and picks up the rifle. She begs Jason not to come at her with the knife he just pulled from his thigh, but he does and she shoots him in the chest.

The gun blast resonates outside in the square, and Kyle takes the opportunity to pull his gun on Carver, but Miles shoots him first. Back upstairs, a crying Charlie cradles Jason's body. She's apparently not always so tough after all, and this also justifies Connor's jealousy of her relationship with "Ab Boy." 

Now What?

I still have no idea what the point of the season is, but man, that was an intense final 10 minutes! Some could argue that the run in with Kyle was proof that Miles should have killed him when he had the chance and that him doing so now means he's back to being Monroe-like. 

However, if you think about it, the only reason they were able to avert the assassination was specifically because Miles didn't kill him. If he had pulled the trigger, they would never have recognized the gunman and Carver would be dead. Still, you have to believe Miles is once again on track to embrace the brutalities of war, which won't bode well for his budding relationship with his dead brother's wife (not that he needed a dead brother to tap that). 

We're in the home stretch of Season 2 now, with only a handful of episodes left and a finale date set for Wednesday, May 14. What do you think will happen between now and then? Will we ever be rewarded for our loyalty with any sort of a purpose? Or is this one a lost cause of violence and brutality that will get back on track in season 3? Do you even care, as long as you get your fill of Miles and Monroe? 

If the next few episodes are as intense as the last three or four, I may not mind either.

You can watch Revolution every Wednesday at 8pm on NBC.

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