'Revolution' Interview: EP Eric Kripke Discusses the Premiere's Shocking Death
'Revolution' Interview: EP Eric Kripke Discusses the Premiere's Shocking Death
Carla Day
Carla Day
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For a show that's supposed to be about a world without electricity and limited guns, the Revolution spring premiere was surprisingly explosive. Rachel's decision to give Monroe the amplifier had far-reaching consequences that she never could have foreseen or she would have died first.

If you haven't watched Monday night's Revolution "The Stand," stop reading now. There are spoilers from the premiere throughout this article.

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Executive Producer Eric Kripke spoke with reporters prior to the premiere about Danny's heroic death.

After spending the first part of season tracking down and saving Danny from Monroe, it was tragic that he died so soon after being reunited with his mother, uncle and sister. 

Instead of viewers being upset about that, Kripke believes, "it's the type of shocking development that really ramps everybody up for their mission in the second half of the season and it really emotionally escalates everything."

Danny's death provided a shock to launch the second half of the season. Kripke explains, "Every character needs an intense emotional drive ...  to face down General Monroe and to not do it just for political reasons, but do it for intensely personal and tortured reasons." While they also "take the fight to Monroe in the most fraught and desperate way possible."

With Danny's death, Rachel, Charlie, and Miles will become more important. 

"I think there will be lots of conflict. ... the three of them is such a center of gravity for the show." Kripke continues, "... the thematics we explore are much more about family than they're about anything else and can this family stay together in the face of these overwhelming odds."

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell was also on the call with reporters. She wouldn't divulge much about the mysterious item that Rachel pulled out of Danny's body, though she did reveal that the answer will be coming. 

"It's really intriguing." Mitchell continues, "I was intrigued by it as a nerd so I think that you'll be satisfied and gratified."

Revolution airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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