'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Learns the Harsh Truth About Uncle Miles
'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Learns the Harsh Truth About Uncle Miles
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, Team Charlie got a brand-new member in rebel fighter Nora (Daniella Alonso) but lost two when Aaron (Zak Orth) and Maggie were left behind. Will the two groups be reunited in tonight's episode?

Charlie to the rescue

The rebels do not seem to be fairing so well in their war against the militia, as Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) learns when Nora takes them back to the rebel base. Nora's rifle certainly makes a difference once the soldiers come calling but the rebels are still far out-matched. And yet, Charlie convinces Miles (Billy Burke) to help the rebels fight off the attacking militia.

But the militia is just too powerful and Miles has to turn himself in to save Charlie, Nora and the rest of the rebels. Of course, Charlie and Nora simply rescue Miles a short time later, proving that even in this post-blackout world, you never leave a man behind. (Also, you should probably brush up on your archery skills.)

Miles and Monroe

This week's flashbacks center around Miles and his friendship with Monroe (David Lyons). Several weeks after the blackout, the two men set out to find Miles' family and wind up discovering many dead bodies along the way. Miles is horrified that things got so bad so quickly, especially since no one is coming to help. Later, when the guys run into some very bad men along the road, Miles decides to take some vengeance for the people they murdered and kills the men in cold blood.

In the present, Charlie learns that Miles is one of the founders of the Monroe Militia and he was once their Commanding General. Despite this news, Charlie does not see Miles as a monster and believes there is still good in him.

Miles and Monroe apparently started the militia in an attempt to keep some order in the post-blackout world, but when did that change? When did Monroe become so hardened that he will go to any lengths to hold onto his power? When did Miles decide his agenda no longer matched up with Monroe's and left it all behind? And what will happen if these two former friends ever meet up again?

Danny and the Douche

Once again, Danny (Graham Rogers) is not having the best luck as a hostage. One of the militiamen beats him up as revenge for Danny killing his friend. Though the man does not kill Danny, his attack leaves quite an impression. But Danny proves that brutality must run in the Matheson family when he one-ups his attacker and threatens the man with death if he ever touches Danny again. Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) sees the way Danny handles his attacker and looks impressed. I hope this storyline is not leading to Danny joining up with the militia and becoming the 'enemy'.

Say Hello to Marvin Gaye

Aaron and Maggie make their way to Grace's home but she is nowhere to be found. However, Aaron does find some things she left behind that lead him to believe that Grace has access to electricity. After an exhaustive search, Aaron comes up empty-handed and yet, at the episode's conclusion, there is a surge of electricity at Grace's place. The surge lasts only a moment before fading but it is the proof they need that they are on the right track.

We are now on episode 3 and I am sad to say that the momentum of the first two episodes is lacking in this one. While plenty of shooting and sword-fighting takes place, the action really seems to stall. The episode does have a few nice character moments but it is far weaker than the previous two installments. Yet every season needs a few filler episodes and it looks like the main action will pick up again next week.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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