'Revenge' Spoilers: It's Fauxmance Time on 'Sabotage'
'Revenge' Spoilers: It's Fauxmance Time on 'Sabotage'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Emily and Daniel are back together! On last Sunday's Revenge, Emily and Aiden pretended to break up and he didn't look very happy when she kissed Daniel on the porch. So, is Emily and Daniel's relationship really a fauxmance? Despite her quest to bring down the Grayson family, Emily did have genuine feelings for Daniel when they dated and then were engaged. Will she fall for him again?

Spoiler alert: This preview contains Revenge spoilers and clips. Watch at your own risk!

Here's the official synopsis of tonight's "Sabotage": A fundraiser and wine auction provide the perfect backdrop for Emily and Aiden's next plan of attack, while Victoria strategically plots her next move. Meanwhile, Jack, Declan and Amanda struggle with what lies ahead.

The Revenge "Sabotage" promo shows a jealous Aiden, an upset Victoria, an attack on Aiden and Helen in the elevator, and some Emily-Daniel romance. Nolan calls Emily's romance "Fauxmance Part Deux," but was it really fake the first time? I'm not so sure. The episode seems to be full of action and manipulations all around.

In the below sneak peek, Amanda visits Jack in jail and he tells her the truth about the Ryans and the gun that was found on the boat. How will Jack get himself out of this mess?

A few other tidbits about "Sabotage":
  • Amanda buys a gun from a guy out of his trunk. Instead of paying $350, she trades an expensive watch for the gun.
  • Aiden gets Helen invited to the fundraiser through Emily.
  • Emily and Nolan see Aiden chatting with Helen and get suspicious.
  • Aiden wants to see his sister and offers his service to her.
  • Jason Prosser, Conrad's nemesis, is invited to the fundraiser by Victoria.
Revenge airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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