'Revenge' Spoilers: A Little Bit About Love and Murder
'Revenge' Spoilers: A Little Bit About Love and Murder
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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First things first: I do not know for sure who gets murdered on the beach at the Revenge engagement party. Sorry.

But there is a little information surrounding that murder that may give you some clues. Or maybe not. Revenge is tricky that way. Keep reading to see if you can get closer to the truth.

WARNING: There are a few spoilers in this article, but none of them are likely to ruin the show for you on any level. It's more like intrigue. Still, you must make your decision to read or not to read very carefully.

Who Will It Be?
Thanks to the rather spoilery-looking promo for this week's Revenge episode, "Chaos," one might think we know for sure that the murder victim is Daniel. But is it?

Before you decide, first take a look at the video:

Daniel falls down. Someone who looks an awful lot like Daniel lies face-down on the beach, surrounded by horrified party-goers. And Victoria screams Daniel's name in terror.

So it's Daniel, right? Maybe. But Revenge is never that straightforward.

Want to overanalyze the video? Click here for some pointers.

When the producers of Revenge were asked about this whole murder thing, they were, of course, evasive. One thing we can know, however, is that all of this has been mapped out from the pilot episode. "It's going exactly where I had planned," Revenge creator Mike Kelley told TVLine. "What I had in store up until Episode 15 is as I had hoped it would turn out. The show continues to evolve, yes, but that particular plot point has not changed since the beginning."

Why Have the Party at All?
You can imagine, after last week's Grayson dinner-party fiasco, that neither Emily nor Daniel is terribly excited about their formal engagement party. So why do they go through with an event destined to bring about tragedy?

Two answers seem to present themselves: duty and protection.

For the duty part, check out this video. Emily seems to share Daniel's reluctance to take part in the celebration, but she then points out that people will be making an effort to come. This does convince Daniel. But does Emily mean it?

There may be another motive in Emily's desire to keep the party going. EW.com reports that Emily might just be attending the party in order to keep someone safe. It seems that one of Revenge's many evildoers has gone and kidnapped an "innocent." If Emily cancels the party, something bad could befall this person.

This brings up an important question: Who exactly is "innocent" on Revenge?

On a Happier Note
With all the bad, murder-related stuff happening on Revenge, it's nice to know that there's a possibility of happiness out there. According to EW.com, everyone's favorite lonely computer billionaire, Nolan Ross, will be getting a love interest at some point in the near future.

There's no word as to who this new person may be. But as long as he or she is more sane than Tyler, it's an improvement for Nolan.

Not that happiness ever lasts in the vengeance-laced air of the Hamptons...

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Who do you expect to be murdered in "Chaos"? Is Daniel doomed? Who could get kidnapped? Does Nolan deserve love? Let us know what you think!

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