'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: Emily and Jack's Relationship, New Love Interests and More
'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: Emily and Jack's Relationship, New Love Interests and More
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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When Revenge brought in a new showrunner for season 3, it was expected that there would be some changes. New boss Sunil Nayar told TVLine that one of the changes will be the way the show will air, although the entire ABC network is being formatted in a similar split-season fashion. For Revenge, Nayar said it will be divided into "two major seasons, with one mini-season smack in the middle of it." Now that we know that, read on for all the scoop on what other changes are in store.

The last we saw of these two, Emily had told Jack the truth. When season 3 starts, there will be a five-month time jump. So what's been going on between them? Nothing, Nayar said. They haven't kept in touch, although "In the premiere, we will establish what happened with Emily and Jack immediately following her great admission."

He further teased that there will be a "new dynamic between the two of them, one that is incredibly vital but incredibly unexpected."

What could that mean? If it's important but surprising, does that mean there's a possible love connection? Will Jack be able not just to forgive her but to still be friends -- and more?

New Characters, New Love Interests?

Victoria's son, played by Justin Hartley, will be introduced this season. What other new faces will we see? E! Online reports that there's not just one, but rather two other new characters who will visit the Hamptons.

There's Jenny, a supermarket worker who will show up in the sixth episode, titled "Dissolution." She's described as a no-nonsense spitfire who has a strong moral ground. Then there's Morgan Holt, a real estate agent who might get into bed with Conrad. But no one on Revenge is truly good, and Morgan isn't just a real estate agent, she's corrupt.

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Nolan and Charlotte Updates

When the season starts, Nolan will be in jail, but that will be brief. He'll also go through a slutty phase, actor Gabriel Mann told TVLine.

As for Charlotte, Nayar also said that we'll see "how Charlotte's pregnancy plays out." That opens the possibility that she didn't have the child -- for whatever reason. We'll also find out how she's coping with Declan's death.

From Fear to Dissolution

Speaking of episode titles, the @RevengeWriters Twitter account is great to follow because they offer up inside info from the writers' room. They revealed the episode titles for the first six episodes:

3.1: "Fear"
3.2: "Sin"
3.3: "Confession"
3.4: "Mercy"
3.5: "Control"
3.6: "Dissolution"

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