'Revenge' Season 3 Finale Poll: Will this Be the End of Emily Thorne?
'Revenge' Season 3 Finale Poll: Will this Be the End of Emily Thorne?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So much has happened this year for Team Emily on Revenge that it's hard to imagine what could possibly fly off the screen to surprise and delight us in "Execution," the ABC drama's third season finale. Many delicious mysteries remain to taunt us as we await what promises to be a riveting finale to cap off a whirlwind season. Will someone get a red marker takedown or perhaps even be killed? Will Margaux and Daniel give in to their lust for each other? Will Charlotte discover who kidnapped her? Will Victoria and Emily face off about Vicky's duplicity against David? Is David Clarke actually alive?

We have some ideas about what might be up the sleeves of those pesky creative Revenge fairies, but what do you think?

Keep These Facts in Mind as You Carefully Place Your Votes Below:

  • Jack, Nolan, Aiden and author Mason Treadwell are the only living people who know Emily's true identity for sure.
  • Conrad has confessed to the whole flight 197 tragedy as well as to all manner of heinous crimes associated with it. 
  • Someone is living in a cabin in the woods and has been obsessing over David Clarke, including sending letters to Charlotte and Victoria in what is supposed to be David's handwriting. 
  • Victoria now knows Baby Carl and Charlotte are not related, so Faux Amanda wasn't Amanda at all ... but who was she?
  • Voulez owns MyClone, but Nolan fixed the bugs and has already used the program once to mislead Conrad and Victoria. How else will it be used to get people to incriminate themselves publicly?

So Far, "Execution" Previews Have Teased the Following:

  • Victoria stands behind Emily as she digs a grave.
  • Victoria accuses someone of living under a false identity -- but we never see who she's accusing, and we never see who she accuses of being Amanda Clarke. Aren't those two things the same? We're not 100% sure. She could be screaming at a photo for all we know.
  • Emily visits the shack of the guy writing the DC letters. In the tussle she realizes she's gotten a syringe stuck in her leg.
  • We know that guy is working for Victoria, but to what end?
Watch the teaser below:

So, What Do You Think Will Happen on "Execution," Revenge's Season 3 Finale?

Conrad has been taken into custody for orchestrating the crash of flight 197. 

Victoria remains free and is catching on to Emily's schemes. 

Emily has what she's always wanted: A full confession from Conrad, but Victoria is still free.

Make sure to come back often to see how your guesses measure up against your fellow Revenge fans'!

The Revenge season 3 finale airs Sunday May 11 on ABC. 

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