'Revenge' Season 2 Video: Fighting, Sex and Drowning in the New Promo
'Revenge' Season 2 Video: Fighting, Sex and Drowning in the New Promo
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Death is a big part of Revenge. But could it be Emily's death that we need to fear in the upcoming season? Judging from the first promo released for Revenge season 2, the show's heroine does indeed look to be in danger of a watery grave. Check out the new Revenge video here!

WARNING: Thanks to a whole bunch of glimpses into new scenes, there are a few Revenge season 2 spoilers contained in this video and in this article. Please do not take your revenge out on us if you continue and are therefore spoiled.

Watch the Revenge season 2 promo video below:

While the video does start off with a few of Emily's more badass moments from Revenge season 1, the video quickly shifts to new footage from Revenge season 2. What exactly do we get to see?

  • It's probably a debatable point that the move to Sundays is bigger than, say, Emily confronting the man who killed her father. But whatever.
  • Emily administers a serious beatdown on a new guy. Whoever he may be...
  • Who is Emily hugging? It kind of looks like Charlotte.
  • Daniel and Ashley are definitely having a bit of a thing in this video.
  • Someone has tied Emily to a pole in the sea. It is likely that the two, black-clad men standing on the rocks in the background have something to do with this.


  • Thanks to the fun of incoming tides, this is a particularly tense and cold-hearted way to bring about the young lady's demise.

Of course, we can pretty much count on Emily surviving her watery ordeal in some way or another. She is, after all, the main character. It's problematic to kill the main character.

Speaking of killing main characters, did you notice who was not in the video? Victoria. Thus far, Revenge has been very, very good about giving away nothing that would indicate whether Victoria Grayson is alive or dead. They obviously want us to think that Victoria could be dead. But is she?

We'll have to wait until the Revenge season 2 premiere on Sunday, September 30 at 9pm on ABC.

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