'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense Out of 'Chaos'
'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense Out of 'Chaos'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Talk about a game-changing, head-spinning episode of Revenge!

The long-awaited engagement party/beach murder finally arrived with -- of course -- more twists and turns than should be possible in a single hour of television. We may now know the identity of the murder victim, but that only brings up a whole host of burning questions from the Revenge episode, "Chaos."

What was Evil Sensei Takeda up to?
How crazy was it for Takeda to show up in "Chaos"? Granted, he was totally necessary -- Emily wouldn't have gotten back her infinity-squared box without him. But was that his only reason to come?

Takeda exhibited plenty of odd and suspect behavior throughout this appearance on Revenge. Notably:

  • When Daniel spilled the beans about Paris, Takeda failed to mention any of this to Emily.
  • Takeda knew -- somehow -- where Emily's box was hidden. Had he been tracking Tyler and Amanda this whole time?
  • Takeda seemed to exchange a significant look with Nolan during Victoria's speech. Have the two men in Emily's revenge-life teamed up? Why?
  • What was Takeda doing driving down a darkened road just in time to remove Amanda from the murder scene? How did he know to be there?

Does Daniel suspect Emily?
Daniel's post-murder daze indicates that he might be a little confused about what happened right before Tyler's fortunate demise. Does this mean that Daniel doesn't remember Tyler's accusations against the lovely Miss Thorne?

That would be way too easy. So of course Daniel has suspicions about his fiance. He may not know the whole truth, since that would bring the Revenge house of cards crashing to the ground. But he definitely knows something.

This will definitely make for an interesting twist in the Emily-Daniel relationship.

What actually happened on the beach?
That's the big question, isn't it?

We saw Tyler holding Daniel at gunpoint while revealing the basics of Emily's dirty secrets... And then Tyler was dead. Amanda was leaning over the body with a gun, borderline-hysterical. Daniel was dazed and covered with blood.

But what happened to Daniel? Was that scene of Daniel falling into the sand real? If so, who took Emily's revenge photo from him? This could have been Tyler's murderer -- or it could have been someone else. Where is the photo now?

Exactly how many people have to be involved here? Which brings us to the other big question...

Who murdered Tyler?
There are a few obvious suspects. Amanda is obviously the easy choice, seeing as she had motive, opportunity and a weapon. Also, that whole crying-over-the-body thing does make her seem a little guilty.

And then there's Daniel. Were he somehow able to get the upper hand on Tyler, there is no doubt that Daniel could have killed Tyler. Of course he would kill the man who has -- repeatedly -- threatened Emily, the man who has just accused Daniel's beloved of having darker motives. Considering all that blood splattered across Daniel's white tux, he is definitely a suspect.

Who else?
We definitely should not discount Grandpa Edward Grayson. The motives would be murkier, but keep in mind that we did not see Gramps at the party. And, considering Edward's veiled threats against Charlotte if she sought therapy, the man is easily ruthless and evil enough for murder.

Finally, there is Takeda. He's obviously an old pro at revenge and heartless violence in the name of justice. Since Tyler was thwarting Emily's "righteous" path, Takeda would certainly be capable and interested in killing the lunatic. Combined with Nolan's possible involvement (you know he'd be happy to ruin Tyler) and Amanda's "rescue" by Takeda, we can't discount this suspect.

Anyone else?

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Do you have any answers? Are there other questions bothering you after watching "Chaos"? Where will the show go next? Let us know what you think below!

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