'Revenge' Redux: Finding Certainty in 'Doubt'
'Revenge' Redux: Finding Certainty in 'Doubt'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
How could there not be questions after a 7-week Revenge hiatus? That would be impossible. It may not be possible to answer all of those questions, but we can still give it a try.

Would Emily actually give up everything for Jack?
There is an interesting moment in "Doubt" when Emily hints that she might be willing to give up her whole Grayson vendetta if it meant saving Jack. Would she actually go through with that?

The answer is a solid maybe. As seen in that final beat-down scene, Emily still has a lot of issues. No matter how much she adores and wants to protect Jack, that anger might not let her go.

It's far more likely that, should it come to it, Emily would merely increase her scheming on the assumption that that would be best for Jack. She would be wrong, of course, but such actions fit the character of Emily Thorne.

On a related note, when it comes to the inevitable choice, which boy will earn Emily's loyalty? The destruction of Victoria's thug came only after Daniel -- not Jack -- was beaten. Emily's words indicate that Jack is her motivation, but her actions display far more loyalty to to Daniel.

Why did Emily copy the key?
Emily's thug-beating had multiple purposes. Prior to the fight, she had gotten a fair amount of anti-Grayson ammo out of the guy. Then there was the vengeance-filled violence. And then... Then Emily made an imprint of the thug's key. What was that all about?

What could the key unlock? Does it belong to Victoria? Is it a house key that Emily will use to implicate the thug in some crime?

Or will the key have some use we cannot yet understand?

How ridiculously awesome is Mason Treadwell?
He gets drunk on wine coolers. He doesn't understand the concept of a blog. He's smart enough to pull one over on Victoria Grayson but still dumb enough to think such actions will end well.

We really need Mason Treadwell to be on Revenge more often.

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Will Emily choose Jack or Daniel? Why did Emily copy the key? Can Victoria be anymore horrible? Leave your comments below!
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