'Revenge' Redux: Did Anyone Find 'Absolution'?
'Revenge' Redux: Did Anyone Find 'Absolution'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Revenge. It's a family show, really.

OK, maybe Revenge isn't the heartwarming love-fest we usually associate with TV families, but, as proved by this week's "Absolution," family is at the core of everything on Revenge. The incredibly twisted Grayson, Clarke and Ross families pretty much created all of the conflict in the episode. What are the results? Keep reading for some theories.

Emily vs. Daniel?

Daniel knows everything.

If there was one true bombshell in "Absolution," it was Daniel's icy-cold reaction to all of his father's dirty, dark secrets. We have always looked at Daniel as kind of a nice boy. Spoiled, sure. Clueless, definitely. But evil? Not even a little bit.

Appearances can be deceiving though, and Daniel has suddenly deceived like no other. Too bad for him that Emily knows all about it.

What happens next between Emily and Daniel? Recent Revenge episodes made it clear that Emily had -- against her better judgment -- developed feelings for Daniel Grayson. She may not have been interested in a life of domestic bliss with the boy, but Emily did care about Daniel's safety and happiness.

That looks certain to change. Daniel's public declaration of allegiance to his father (and all those horrifying crimes) moves the younger Grayson out of the category of "innocent" and straight into "target" territory. Emily's chilling declaration that she would still marry Daniel should be enough proof of that.

Changing Teams?

At the beginning of Revenge season 1, the sides of the show's conflict were clear. Emily hated all Graysons, especially Victoria, for their betrayal of David Clarke. Charlotte despised her mother and allied herself with Conrad. Victoria put her children and her lifestyle ahead of any loyalty she once felt to the man she loved.

So much for that.

Victoria has turned on Conrad -- and it's about more than infidelity and a divorce. Back in the day, Victoria kept her husband's secrets to protect herself. But now that same woman is sharing those secrets with the government. Conrad Grayson's life and reputation are about to implode, and it is Victoria who is making it happen.

At the same time, Victoria has managed (finally) to reconnect with Charlotte. The catalyst for this reconnection? David Clarke. Victoria is almost publicly acknowledging her relationship with a man still viewed as a terrorist as she supports and bonds with Charlotte.

Does this point to a total game change in Revenge's future? If Victoria is working against Conrad and reaffirming her love for David, could Emily eventually ally with her? It would be a tenuous alliance at best, of course, but it's the kind of twist that would be excellent on Revenge.

Too Many Secrets

If you ever wondered how Nolan Ross got hooked up with David Clarke, "Absolution" was the episode for you. The young man's dear Aunt Carole turns out to have been the go-between that set up the relationship.

This is the first hint of family we've seen for Nolan. And it brings up something interesting and a little neglected about Revenge: We know very little about the characters' pasts. Sure, there are some basics out there -- Victoria's art-dealing career, Conrad's first wife, the Porters' missing mother, Emily's time in juvie -- but there are many, many gaps to fill in.

What secrets hide in those mysterious pasts? We may get a hint in next week's flashback episode, "Legacy," but no one episode can expose all of the secrets and lies that underlie Revenge.

It's going to be one long and amazing trip to learn them.

Were you surprised by Nolan's family connections? What will Emily do to Daniel? Could Emily ever work with Victoria? Share your theories and opinions below!

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