'Revenge' Recap: Who Shot Emily?
'Revenge' Recap: Who Shot Emily?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It's everything we've been waiting for since season 3 began: who shot Emily? In "Exodus," on Emily and Daniel's wedding day, we see just how Emily ends up getting shot, when her death was supposed to be faked.

The Past Returns

As if there needed to be more proof of how badass Emily is, there she is 12 hours before her wedding drawing out a veil of her own blood like it's no big deal. She explains her plan of pouring her blood on the yacht, shooting her gun in the air and then jumping into the ocean. There will be gunshot residue on Victoria's bracelet, and she'll be taken away in handcuffs for her murder. So that preview clip of Victoria being arrested? It's more of Emily's mental picture of what she wants to happen.

There are still more details to be worked out before the wedding, the biggest one being Victoria, who declined the wedding invitation. So Emily turns to Conrad of all people -- because he's the one who can bring Victoria's favorite son back into her life and convince her to attend. 

And Patrick does come back! Just when we're hoping for a happy Patrick/Nolan reunion, Patrick rejects him again even after Nolan assures Patrick he doesn't have to choose between him and his mother. Still, Patrick just breaks his heart. It also turns out Nolan's been sending Patrick a ton of messages -- with no reply whatsoever. Poor Nolan.

Saying Goodbye

Another loose end to tie up is Jack, so Emily visits him to say goodbye, and it turns a little hostile when Emily confesses she was with Amanda, holding her, when she died. Jack tells Emily she took everything from him, and the pain on his face is like she died just yesterday. We can't side with Emily on this one -- it sucks that Jack keeps getting hurt over and over and he's just a bystander trying to run a bar.

At home later, good ol' Lydia pays her a visit, showing Emily the photo from the New Year's Eve party that could ruin her. All Lydia seems to want is her house back, which Emily does without any hesitation.

Daniel and Emily Grayson

Going for the simple look on a wedding she's pretending to want, Emily still looks beautiful. She shares a touching moment with Charlotte, exchanging I love you's. Then Emily gets her few moments with Aiden, and it's the opposite of her time with Charlotte (of course, she's going to see Aiden again and not Charlotte). He puts on the garter he got for her -- complete with her blood attached for later. 

Emily also wants Aiden to take care of her problem with Lydia, which he does by intercepting her from entering the wedding by giving her the papers to the house. It still doesn't solve the problem that she has the photo as proof.

The wedding is just lovely, even despite Victoria not wanting to be there. Emily recites her vows, and in doing so, she has flashbacks of her life: her father being taken away, her infinity box, meeting Daniel for the first time -- all the events that have brought her to this day of her ultimate revenge.

The Downfall Begins

The reception has a moment where Daniel goes to call Sarah but is interrupted by Charlotte. Then there's Conrad promising the world to Lydia -- and then inviting her to the Grayson family honeymoon.

Speaking of Sarah, during the wedding she's at the Stowaway, putting back drink after drink with the wedding on the television. In her drunken stupor, she embarrasses herself by trying to put the moves on Jack. Real smooth, girl. 

Back at the wedding, Nolan's job is to pull Patrick away from the family, and he does this by texting him that he knows the truth about Father Paul.

Victoria Knows the Truth

Meanwhile, it's go time for Emily and her plan. She plays a surprise video she made for her new family, and then accidentally trips and spills her cider on Victoria. She's supposed to go to the restroom, where Aiden will promptly lock her in.

Except Lydia follows Victoria in the bathroom -- where she reveals the NYE photo incriminating Emily!

Victoria confronts Emily with the photo, of everything. Emily admits to the fake pregnancy. It's all coming out. Victoria ends up tossing her bracelet with the gunshot residue in the ocean because she says Emily's worthless like the bracelet. 

Out of nowhere, Aiden comes along with a cloth to Victoria's mouth and drags her away, leaving the plan still good to go.

The Shooter is Revealed

Then Daniel emerges from the other direction. He heard everything. Not only that, he's drunk because earlier, he received a call that Sarah tried to kill herself. (Really? This show went there with Sarah? It's probably the only way for Daniel to be in this current condition, but this poor girl.)

Daniel grabs the gun Emily had laid out for her plan and demands answers. She apologizes -- and then he shoots her. Daniel shoots Emily! Then he tosses the gun in the ocean and goes back to his family like, oh, nothing happened.

Where's Emily?

Right when he joins the family, there's commotion. The family goes outside, where they see the blood on the ground -- and Emily's garter hanging off the deck. They not only wonder where is Emily, but where is Victoria?

Meanwhile, at Patrick and Nolan's place after some fun times, Patrick innocently opens Nolan's drawer filled with remotes and just presses one to see what happens. The painting on his wall moves, and his safe -- where Emily's box is -- emerges. But Patrick, of course, doesn't know what's inside. Is he going to look? Will he ask? Why does he think it's any of his business that Nolan has a safe?

The beach is where Aiden and Emily were supposed to meet. But when Aiden comes swimming to shore, he's met with Jack -- not Emily. Jack had come to the beach to return Amanda's locket. And just then, Emily's bloodstained wedding dress washes up to the shore, opening up a ton of questions, the top one being, will Emily survive?

What's Next?

Revenge returns January 5, and the preview at the end of the fall finale reveals where the show's headed next. Emily didn't die -- of course she didn't, then this show would be over. But ... she has amnesia. Is it real? What will happen next? Share your theories in the comments below!

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