'Revenge' Recap: Two Weddings and a (Future) Funeral
'Revenge' Recap: Two Weddings and a (Future) Funeral
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In "Union," wedding bells are ringing for Jack and Amanda, which stirs up past feelings for Emily as all she can do is watch. What she doesn't know is how Amanda goes behind her back to blackmail Conrad, which in the end may have grave consequences.

The Secret's Out

In a reveal that should surprise no one, it turns out the videos of Aiden's sister were not live, and in fact are from six years ago. After a bit of digging -- I didn't realize you could do what happens here -- Emily gets the coroner's report of the missing Jane Does from six years ago, and of them it's indeed Colleen.

Digging Her Own Grave?

After Nate gave Conrad a vision of what his future could be by partnering up with him and revamping the Waterfront, Conrad tells Jack the deal is off, that his bar isn't fully his like they had first agreed to. 

As Jack tells Declan, Amanda is eavesdropping on the conversation. I don't know how these boys haven't figured out that she's always listening in on them! Anyway, furious, she blackmails Conrad -- by breaking into Emily's house, getting into her computer and accessing video files. I know she wants to do this for her baby daddy, but she should know Emily will find out, and there's going to be a price to pay. You can't just blackmail the Graysons and expect to get away with it for long.

A Very Hampton Wedding

For a little while in the Hamptons, the pause button is pressed on all the drama as it's Jack and Amanda's wedding day.  

But let's back up to where we see a little of the real Amanda and Jack getting married when they were young, with David Clarke as a witness. It just goes to show just how much Jack means -- and has meant -- to her all these years, and just how difficult it is to be up at the "altar" as fake Amanda marries Jack. 

She didn't have to, but Emily gives fake Amanda the ring made out of pipe cleaners from her childhood wedding, which floors Jack, of course. She kept it all these years! 

Not that I ever doubted this, but real Emily is one tough girl. Watching the love of your life marry someone pretending to be you. Of course, she has no other choice given her situation, but it's still selfless, as she could've kept that ring for herself as a reminder.

Sidenotes: Nolan would of course be the one officiating the wedding. But what's up with that suit? And then Aiden showing up by appearing on top of giant rocks that only Emily happens to catch gets me cracking up in a moment that I don't think is supposed to be that funny.

Nobody Messes with Victoria

As if seeing your soulmate marry someone else isn't bad enough, Daniel breaks things off with Emily, saying it isn't the right time. (There's a nice excuse). And technically, Aiden did walk away from her as well, but he then came to his senses.

For Daniel, it kinda isn't the best time because he's got the Initiative and his mother both coming at him hard. Helen does her best to threaten Victoria, but Queen V is one step ahead of her this time. She sets up a situation (all the while knowing that her conversation with Daniel is being watched) that has Helen confront her at her home, wanting the evidence from the plane crash. 

When Helen approaches Victoria's safe -- that's when Victoria pulls out the gun and shoots her! That was sweet. Especially because Helen didn't think she would do it. Famous last words.

Cutting Things Off

Because Amanda had blackmailed Conrad, he breaks his agreement about the Waterfront/bar with Nate. Well, Nate's like a vicious dog and doesn't go away. He keeps getting at you until he can go in for the bite -- or kill.

He's gotten himself on the boat that Jack and Amanda are on to get away. With Declan calling in when he can't find pacifiers for the baby, Nate ends up cutting the cord to the radio. And all that's left to expect is doom.

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