'Revenge' Recap: The Mysterious Photograph
'Revenge' Recap: The Mysterious Photograph
This week on Revenge, Emily focuses on a photograph that Charlotte found/stole from her mother's room -- it's of her father on the day he died. And the wheels start turning in Emily's quest to get some answers.

Following the Trail

Naturally, Emily turns to Nolan with the information. She catches him in a lie when he says he turned over everything her father had given him -- she's on the phone with him but then catches him redhanded when he's digging up the thing that he's been keeping from her -- her father's journal! The pages are filled with David's theories about his impending death in jail. He's certain he's going to be killed.

In a flashback, we see that when a fight breaks out in the cafeteria, David dies after getting stabbed by ... a guard!

In the journal, the initials CM leads Emily to Carol Miller. Who is she? And how is she involved with David?

A Woman From the Past

After tracking her down and showing up at her house as a member of the government, Emily is greeted by an elderly woman -- who pulls out a shotgun.

Before anything else happens, who comes down the stairs other than Nolan, telling "Aunt Carol" to put down the gun!

With the slightly awkward introductions out of the way -- especially since Nolan blows Emily's cover, introducing her as Amanda -- Carol fills in Emily with her relationship with her father as his secretary.

In the end, Emily is watching a video in which Carol tells Conrad that "the man" is here -- who Emily recognizes because he's also in the mysterious photograph!

Unknown Visitor

Poor Charlotte -- not only is she still taking the pills, she's suspended from school and failing calculus. In a heart-to-heart with mom, she says all she wants is to know about her dad! So Victoria takes Charlotte to his grave ... only to realize that someone has already been there. Who?

And what was the point of Victoria's brief storyline with her previous lover? Other than to provide background context, other than that being what sets Conrad to really turn on Victoria, it feels off since it had nothing to do with Emily.

A Grayson at Heart

Daniel finally mans up and acts like "a Grayson," much to the disappointment of Emily. He has the opportunity to tell the cameras the true story about his family -- but chooses to save the name and protect the family. It's not something that completely surprised me, as much as I was hoping he'd turn. The pep talk his father gave -- to protect the company and take care of Charlotte -- probably hit home.

Daniel's now taking charge of the company after Victoria blabs to the SEC about Grayson Global's corruption. She pulls the move to get back at Conrad after she overhears him telling Daniel that his own mother paid someone to beat him up. Oh, this twisted family.

In the end, Conrad offers Ashley a position with the company, after Conrad overhears her admitting she was the one who leaked the photos of Daniel on the beach. Conrad says Ashley isn't afraid to get her hands dirty -- perfect for a dirty company.

Also, Jack admitting to Daniel of all people that he was the hooded guy at the beach the night of Tyler's death is going to bite him in the butt.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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