'Revenge' Recap: Deceiving Like It's 2006
'Revenge' Recap: Deceiving Like It's 2006
Christopher Spicer
Christopher Spicer
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Revenge is bursting with characters and storylines, and sometimes we're left begging for a map or guide. "Lineage" provides some much-needed help by offering a flashback to 2006 that reveals the genesis to several major storylines. It also helps explain the motivations and past of key characters.

Aiden Meets Emily

It appears Aiden's missing sister, Colleen, may be connected to the disaster that ruined David Clarke. If this is true, Takeda may also know way more about the Initiative's dastardly plans than he has revealed.  Or maybe he is just the most morbid matchmaker ever.

It finally becomes clear why Aiden is so attached to Emily, but also why he is eager to take down the Initiative. Of course, if killing a Russian crime boss together doesn't spell true love, then such a thing just can't exist. Throughout season 2 of Revenge, I've been wary of Aiden, but this week seems to prove he can be trusted and truly loves Emily.

So That is Why Victoria is Pure Evil

Hiring a man to pretend to fall in love with your mother just so you can completely humiliate and destroy her during Thanksgiving dinner seems like a vile thing to do. This is why such an action fits perfectly with the other typical Grayson weekend activities. To be fair to Victoria, it is a little hard to forgive a mother that not only accuses Victoria of stealing all her partners, but also kicks her out of the house for being raped by the mother's rich, dirtbag husband.

If Only Daniel was a Poet

I hear being a poet is only slightly more lucrative than the life of a handsome and stunning TV show recapper. Conrad ruins that life by burning all of Daniel's poems and uses his connections to squash his son's dreams. In the current day, Conrad and Victoria are now left trying to conjure up another dark plan to save their son from taking over the company and becoming yet another pawn for the Initiative.

Did 2006 Conrad get a nasty case of the brain wipes and forget about that little group of evil? Or did they think the framing of David Clarke would keep them safe and stop Grayson Global from becoming the Initiative's play thing? It makes you wonder why Conrad was so eager for his son to take over the company, when it was clear his own life was filled with land mines due to owning Grayson Global.

The Truth Behind Kenny

Nate and Kenny's devious bar-stealing plan appears to be fueled by their own sense of revenge. I assume they're incorrectly blaming Jack's dad for the killing of their own father. They're also ignoring the fact their father seemed to be a nasty jerk that got off on ruining families. It is nice to finally have the motivation behind the revenge plot that is even more convoluted than what Emily is trying to do.

Nolan's Heartbreak

We also learn why Nolan didn't have a CFO for several years.  His loyalty to David caused him to not only lose his lover but also his trusted CFO. The even suckier part is that Daniel has somehow found Marco, and I'm assuming he isn't just planning on going out for a coffee with him. It looks like poor Nolan's life is about to get even more complicated and shaky in the world of Revenge.  

Ashley's Past

Who predicted that Ashley's dark secret would be that she was once a call girl for an evil Russian crime boss? Or at least, she was trying out to be a call girl. You always got the feeling she wasn't from a rich family, but I never would have predicted she experienced this type of torment. Considering Emily is the one that saved her, you'd think at some point Ashley owes her pretty big. Maybe Emily can get Ashley to save Nolan for power-hungry Daniel.
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