'Revenge' Recap: A Day at the Races
'Revenge' Recap: A Day at the Races
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's about time Emily uncapped that red sharpie of hers and got back to revengin'. Let's see which face she puts an "X" through in this week's episode of Revenge.

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And They're Off

It's a big day at the races -- at least it must be because everyone in the Hamptons is there. Emily approaches Pascal and he asks her for leverage on Conrad. She tells him she knows about his affair with Victoria, so he should probably just ask her for some dirt, considering she was married to him for 20 years. She tells him to quit playing her and tell Victoria that it was a nice try. 

Emily's conversation with Pascal wasn't a complete waste of time. She scanned his fingerprint using Nolan's app and sent it to Aiden, who used it to break into Pascal's office to get more information from Oscar Chapman's personal file.

Nolan wants to talk to Javier back at Nolan's house. He wants to clear the air after they couldn't make a deal for Javier's app idea, which is some creepy social media where the avatar is an exact likeness of the user. Javier can't talk now, only because he's hiding Charlotte Grayson and her bangs under his sheets. She's still encouraging him to sell the app to her brother and not Nolan. Javier seems to lean toward staying loyal to Nolan, but for her sake he agrees to meet with Daniel.

At the track, Daniel pitches the app to Margaux. She thinks it's a great idea that can get them going with the new business and really impress her father.

Victoria confronts an old Grayson Global employee, Luke Gilliam. Victoria tells Luke that it should have been him that took the fall for the airline crash, not David Clark. Luke told her that he cut his losses and ran, and learned to "screw the other guy." He threatens Victoria with some information that he's been holding onto for all of these year, and Victoria dares him to use it. She'd love to see him and Conrad destroy each other. And of course, Emily overhears the whole conversation lurking in the horse barn where the two have their not-so-private spat.

Going Green

Emily does some more digging on Luke and finds out that he was at one point Grayson Global's biggest earner by illegally manipulating energy markets that Conrad used to inflate prices. Meanwhile, Aiden didn't find anything useful from Oscar's work file.

Margaux is a very busy working lady at the magazine office, now that she is the heir apparent to her father's business and she and Daniel are trying to land the "big deal" with Javier for his app software. Jack goes to visit her, but she barely has time to talk, let alone plan a date for that evening.

Conrad tells Victoria he read about her talk with Luke in the stables in the tabloids. He says he paid Luke for his silence, and he did not want Victoria messing anything up. He also tells her that she shoudn't be so satisfied and happy with the new love of her life, Pascal, because he had more to do with the David Clark incident than Victoria thought.

Nursing his hurt pride, Jack goes over to Emily's like a sad puppy to get the attention that Margaux denied him. He tells her the Graysons really hurt his mom and because of that he's all-in on her plan for revenge. She tells him there's something he can do to help.

Emily meets with Luke to "apply for a job" the next day. She tells him that not only is she qualified, but she too was screwed over by the Graysons. She offers to help with some of the angry environmentalists, who Jack plays as a plant at the restaurant they're at. He accuses Luke of poisoning his family's water supply, and to prove him wrong, Luke takes out a vial of his chemical water to drink in front of him.

While he's not looking, Emily swipes one of his sample vials from his briefcase, and then stands up to the "environmentalist," saying that Luke has won 30 trials in 12 states, so he should dig a little deeper before destroying someone's reputation. Luke is impressed and asks her to come to his award ceremony tomorrow. Later, Jack and Emily discover that he used a combination of saline and gelatin in his "sample" chemicals as opposed to what he really dumps into the earth.

Victoria confronts Pascal about his involvement in the Flight 107 scandal. At first, he denies it, but after she gets upset he admits that he had a story that was supposed to run in his magazine killed because it implicated Conrad and he knew he would take her down with him. He couldn't let that happen because he loved her. He tells her that they can't let Conrad keep trying to tear them apart. He has a plan to make Conrad stop, but he admits it's risky.

Finding Oscar

Nolan and Aiden stake out an apartment in New York City that belongs to Brenda Lee, a woman who emptied Oscar's bank account shortly after the plane crash incident using multiple fake IDs. Aiden is still upset about his father. He thinks he was a coward for killing so many people and then taking his own life.

They spot Brenda leaving her apartment and they race her down. But surprise! Brenda is actually Oscar in a wig. He's been hiding out after Aiden's father told him his story of the plane crash and he tried to publish the story, but Pascal killed it. He was wary of what Pascal would do, so he warned Aiden's father to get out of dodge, but it was too late. Pascal had him killed and made it look like a suicide to clean house.

Nolan asks Oscar to come forward to tell his story and clear Aiden's father's name and he agrees right away. A sure death sentence, if I've ever heard one. Especially considering that Aiden and Nolan are secretly being photographed as they leave his residence.

Before he even gets the chance to eat his dinner, Oscar finds Pascal sitting in his living room. Pascal tells Oscar that he was always "too good of a reporter" before shooting him in the chest. RIP Oscar/Brenda. We hardly knew ye.

The Big Deal

At the magazine, Daniel and Margaux have their big meeting with Javier. They offer him a car, money, the cover of a magazine, and Daniel even calls in a favor to get Javier off house arrest. Charlotte tries to convince him to take the deal, even if he feels loyalty to Nolan. She says she can either be next to Nolan Ross, or he can be the next Nolan Ross.

Nolan tells Javier that his lawyer had a revised deal for his program, but Javier tells him that Daniel is the person who is really looking out for him, unlike Nolan, who still doesn't think that he or the program is ready. Nolan tells Javier that he's just another person to get played by the Graysons.

Later, Daniel gives Charotte a car for helping them out with the Javier deal. They're celebrating under the lights on the Grayson veranda until they all short out. It's Nolan, telling them that he won't let that infect Javier, and this is war between them now.

Cross Him Off

Pascal visits Conrad at the South Fork. He plays a recording of a discussion the two of them had in 1993 about the bomb on the plane. Pascal tells him he controls what the world hears, thus he controls Conrad.

At Grayson Manor, Daniel asks his mother if he should worry about her contemptuous relationship with Luke Gilliam. Victoria says not at all. In fact, she was the one who nominated him for the award. Not only that, but she faked their conversation in the barn to draw some attention. To draw Emily's attention, specifically. She tells Daniel that she's testing a new theory. Looks like Victoria is getting closer and closer to the truth about Emily.

Emily is surprised to see Victoria at Luke's award ceremony. And unfortunately for Emily, she gives Victoria exactly what she wants. While making his speech at the ceremony, he does his go-to normal demonstration of drinking his own chemicals. Except he chokes and collapses as a slide behind him reads, "You drank the real chemicals." Emily acts surprised, but Victoria's theory has been confirmed.

While he's in his hospital bed, a cloaked Emily with a distorted voice takes over his computer screen to tell him that she needs the leverage he has on Conrad. She tells him if he doesn't give it to her, she'll make him pay for everyone he's hurt, through his company and in the past. He tells her he'll give her what she needs if she leaves him alone.

Daniel gave Margaux a pair of shoes as a celebratory gift for their landed deal. Jack comes for a visit to let her know how disappointed he is in her for taking down Nolan. He says it wasn't about the money for Nolan, but now Daniel is just going to use Javier like he uses everyone, including her. He tells her he's happy for her business success, but not if it means his friends end up as collateral damage. He tells her he loves her but he can't be around her right now.

Conrad meets Aiden at a bar. He tells him that Oscar is dead and that Pascal is tying up loose ends and he'll be next if he doesn't let Conrad help. Conrad tells Aiden they should be allies because he has something Pascal wants that would keep him from killing Aiden. Aiden storms off, and some menacing man swoops in and asks Conrad if Aiden is going to be a problem. Conrad tells him not yet, and he also thanks him for tracking down Oscar and telling Pascal where he was. You sly devil, Conrad.

Emily tells Jack that she got the information she needed from Luke to implicate Conrad, but it's still not enough to clear her father's name. But she's getting close. She uncaps her red marker and puts an "X" through Luke's face.

She's not the only lady with a marker, though. Victoria puts a black "X" through Luke's face on a copy of the same picture. She tells a dozing Pascal that she finally sees the pattern. All along, she thought Emily was out to destroy their family, but it runs much deeper than that. She's back for revenge.

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