'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Upper Hand from Behind the Mask
'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Upper Hand from Behind the Mask
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It's been six weeks in Revenge time since we last visited them, since Emily found out about Victoria's mysterious son and since Padma was kidnapped. In "Masquerade," the annual Grayson masquerade ball -- which was canceled last year due to Daniel's trial -- sets up Emily's latest plan nicely, and Nolan tries to do whatever he can to get his love back. Also, Declan wants to make sure we know it's Halloween time in March as he carves a pumpkin.

Digging Up the Past

Victoria receives an unexpected RSVP to the ball -- postmarked 1973 and "from your loving son." Leave it up to Emily to be twisted enough to set up something like that. She never ceases to surprise me with her plotting. She's setting it up so that Victoria believes her son will be at the ball without actually knowing whether he's alive or even exists.

Through flashbacks, we see a young Victoria, but never quite knowing whether she actually had the baby or not. It doesn't help that she tells Conrad she had an abortion after he finds not only the invite but also black roses that are delivered to Victoria later. 

At the ball, Victoria is on high alert for this mysterious person claiming to be her son. He finally appears -- in a mask, of course, it's a masquerade after all -- and looking like the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera more than anything. Victoria chases him throughout the party only to come up to Aiden before fainting. 

Side note: I didn't pick up who the guy is and don't think he's important to the plot. But I do wonder who Emily paid to portray the phantom son.

Unexpected Visitors

The next day, Victoria is off to prove to Conrad that she's sure her secret is safe. She visits the woman in the flashbacks where we're led to believe maybe she had an abortion. But it's a nun, and Victoria had given up the baby to her. The nun promises she never gave up her secret, even when her son came to visit her years ago but hadn't returned since.

Victoria leaves with what looks to be relief. I'm not sure what she's thinking. She must believe the nun, but then who was messing with her?

Moments later, another figure appears beside the nun -- it's Emily! She tells the nun she's pregnant and has no one to turn to.

Wow, wasn't expecting that at all. How does she expect to get the identity of Victoria's son by pretending she, too, is conflicted by her own (fake) pregnancy?

Padma's Fate

Meanwhile, Nolan has been holing himself up in his office going crazy with stuff taped all over and in desperate need of a shower. He agrees to take help from Emily and Aiden, who has the mission to take matters into his own hands. He draws Trask out and is led to where Padma is being held -- or rather where her body's being held.

Is anyone surprised that she's dead? It's too bad that Nolan had held out hope, but really, he should've known better as well. But love is blinding, I guess. Before he escapes, Aiden kills Trask. No other choice in the matter.

When Emily breaks the news to Nolan at the ball, it's quite the emotional moment between the two. Nolan is weeping, and Emily offers her embrace. We know these two are BFFs, but haven't seen this kind of emotion come out. It's nice to see, though unfortunate it's coming from this circumstance.

Hamptons Happenings

There's so much more going on in the Hamptons -- there's the Emily/Aiden/Daniel love triangle. Emily and Daniel's "relationship" has become "official" with a story in Page Six, which pretty much infuriates Victoria -- and Aidan as well. How long does actual boyfriend have to put up with fake boyfriend?

Then there's Jack, who is back and teamed up with Nolan, which is great to see again. During a Q&A for Conrad's campaign, Nolan plays the tape of the confession by Kenny Ryan right into Conrad's earpiece, which throws him off. This leads to him promising to clear David Clarke's name.

Hope you enjoyed this episode because it'll be the last new one you'll see for a while. Revenge will be back on April 28 for the remaining episodes of the season.

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