'Revenge' Recap: What is Eli's Motive?
'Revenge' Recap: What is Eli's Motive?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In "Illumination," a party for the newly formed Amanda Clarke foundation that's been headed up by Victoria brings everyone to the Grayson mansion. Even Jack, who's getting good at lying these days, and Eli, Amanda's foster brother that Emily's trying to get rid of. 

I can't say that this episode is particularly interesting since there isn't much action or butt-kicking. Other than Daniel getting a black eye.

Unhappy Family Reunion

Technically, he's invited by Charlotte, but there's something sleazy about Eli, like you can't trust him. What's his motive? He calls out Emily almost immediately. He doesn't accept her money to disappear, even after Nolan clears his criminal record so the people he's lying to won't figure out that he didn't graduate from Columbia. 

By the episode's end, he manages to be named by Victoria as the co-chair of the Amanda Clarke foundation, which Victoria creates. This is pretty much Emily's own doing. She had hoped that by telling Ashley she knew that Amanda and Eli weren't as close as he's been telling everyone, Ashley would go right to Victoria to tell him he can't be trusted. And that's exactly what Ashley does. But Victoria's pretty smart and quick, asking Ashley who divulged this information to her, and Ashley tells the truth. Because it's Emily who wants Eli out of town, Victoria now wants him close. 

The episode shows flashes from the past, where Eli and Amanda as children are shown in their foster homes. They're (sadly) known as the Invisibles. It appears they were rather close, as he promised to be her protector while she promised to let nothing separate them -- until she burns the foster home down. 

It turns out Eli made it his mission to track Amanda down, but she disappeared without a trace -- until he finds the stripper Amanda Clarke. Emily admits to everything to him, without telling him about her plans for the Graysons.

Emily tries to appeal to him by being nice, and then with money. But Eli isn't going anywhere. Yet another annoying detour in Emily's path for Grayson destruction.

Down a Slippery Slope

I'm not quite fond of this new Jack. He's been deeply betrayed, not only by his wife but his close friends, so I understand that. It's because he's going through a tunnel where there isn't a light at the other end, just never-ending darkness.

He tracks down the guy who had called the police the night of Amanda's death. He gets the man to describe who gave him money to keep quiet about everything that happened -- and, well, it's Nolan. So Jack, after giving a speech at the foundation gathering about how he has so few close friends -- which now include the Graysons -- confronts Nolan. 

Nolan rather quickly is able to forge documents to show that it was Kenny Ryan who owned the speedboat, and I guess he fits the physical description as well. Although Nolan and Jack make amends, I'm not quite sure that he believes him.

Who is the Falcon?

All along, we've been wondering what the catch is with the Amanda Clarke foundation. Daniel gives it up to Emily, that his parents are moving their fortune into the foundation. With that info, the plan is hatched to hack into the computer -- and the foundation -- essentially bankrupting the Graysons. 

Except, when Nolan goes to do this, he's stopped. It appears that the Falcon has protected some of the Graysons' accounts from being accessed. This Falcon is important, we find out through flashbacks of David Grayson and Nolan talking in prison, because the Falcon is a hacker legend who sealed David's fate.

The fact that the Falcon reappears now means he's on the Graysons' payroll, just like Nolan was able to find out back then that it was someone on the Graysons' payroll who was responsible for David's demise.

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