'Revenge' at PaleyFest 2012: Insight on the Season, Future
'Revenge' at PaleyFest 2012: Insight on the Season, Future
The cast of primetime television's guiltiest pleasure, ABC's Revenge, and their two executive producers gathered at PaleyFest to discuss the season. It's been a summer of drama, deaths, back-stabbing and, of course, revenge. Here are some of the bigger points that were brought up during the panel.

- They have an idea of where they want the season to end -- with a cliffhanger, even with Season 2 not certain at this point. But the last two episodes of the season will set up new drama and new alliances. "What we're going to do is tease another giant event, which will resolve in the middle of [next] season in some way," creator/executive producer Mike Kelley said.

- A future episode, one that's currently being shot, will completely take place in the past, and then go even further in the past -- yes, a flashback within a flashback. The first flashback brings one of Emily's photos alive. The one where she's a server in the background, with Lydia and Victoria as the main focus -- the 2002 New Year's Eve party. This photo and that night is significant because everyone that Emily wants revenge on is there.

And up until that point, she still had some doubts about what happened, even after reading her father's journals. "This is where she starts believing her father. It really solidifies what her father's been telling her ... and it's the beginning of it all," Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily, said. Then within that episode, the show goes even further back to 1990 when Victoria/David Clarke met.

- "As long as it's not impossible, it's on Revenge," Kelley said. That comment was for the theory whether David Clarke is still alive. Could he be? Personally, I never doubted that he wasn't, but that answer -- and Kelley's facial expression/tone -- has now given me some doubt. Kelley did go on to say that we won't find out this season, meaning that you'll have to keep continuing to assume what you assume right now about David Clarke's fate.

- Charlotte continues to spiral out of control with her pills, and hopefully Declan continues to be there for her, and it sounds like he does -- but it also sounds like he spills the beans about her addiction. "I don't think Declan understands how deep it goes," said Connor Paolo, who plays Declan, because he's still dealing with the death of family members and his brother is on trial. "Ultimately, Charlotte needs someone to step in and guide her in the right direction," said Christa B. Allen, who plays Charlotte.

- Daniel slowly starts putting the pieces together about his mother and Emily, however small they may be. In turn, it may actually bring Daniel closer to his father, where the son has newfound respect for him. Kelley said Daniel will start catching onto what's going on -- that he's been pulled and pushed and manipulated by his mother. Daniel's trial will also wrap up pretty quickly. There will be a several month jump -- to December -- from Episode 17-18.

- Everyone's fighting for their family and will go to great lengths to do what they feel is the best for them. That's the big thing Emily has in common with Victoria. "What I love about the Graysons is, these horrible, mischievous, wicked things they do twists back to love of family. It's grounded somehow in wanting to protect," Kelley said. Even when Victoria sends to have Daniel beaten up brutally in jail, causing a big rift between them, obviously. Why did she orchestrate that? "In reality, would you do that for your son if he'll get much worse in prison?" said Madeleine Stowe, who plays Victoria.

- Can Emily trust Nolan as their relationship continues to evolve? Gabriel Mann, who plays the guy that Emily's father entrusted, believes she can. "I'd like to believe she should but ... what's interesting about the show is the roadblocks that come in our path. Every so often I genuinely believe she should trust him, and then something happens."

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Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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