Calculating 'Revenge': What Comes with 'Commitment'?
Calculating 'Revenge': What Comes with 'Commitment'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The most recent episode of Revenge, "Commitment," dealt primarily with the fallout from earlier actions. Last week's fire, the uncertain paternity of Charlotte Grayson, and Daniel's increasing desire to marry Emily all played out in this episode. What could possibly come next? It's time to theorize!
Who's Her Daddy?
The secret of Charlotte's paternity is out, and all of the important parties -- excluding Charlotte herself, of course -- know it.

What comes next? Obviously, Charlotte is going to find out about all of this at some point. Way too many people already know the truth to keep it from an intelligent and angry teenager. The real question is in the reactions.

Will Emily ever confide in Charlotte, or maybe even ally with her? Declan obviously won't care -- if anything, this kind of news would bring him closer to Charlotte. Daniel is sticking to the role of the caring brother. And Conrad and Victoria... Who knows?

There is one other question to consider here: Do we know for sure that David Clarke is the only possible father of Charlotte? Lawyer Huntley falsified the DNA results ordered by Victoria, and Conrad's own testing proved only that Charlotte was not his. Could there perhaps be another option in the paternity case?

Victoria's Past
On more than one occasion in recent weeks, Conrad Grayson has made explicit reference to Victoria's lesser station when he married her. It sounds like he fell for her, and then she semi-conned her way into a marriage.

Will this possibly questionable background become important? One thing to note is the way Conrad made a point of saying Victoria's maiden name during one of their arguments. Will that become important later? What could be hidden in Victoria's past?

What Will Ashley Do with Her Information?
It's safe to say that most of the people who know about Charlotte being the daughter of David Clarke have a vested interest in keeping things quiet.

Ashley does not.

Having overheard the Graysons fighting, Ashley at least knows the basics of what is going on. So far, she has only expressed a worry that this new development will destroy her own chances at social advancement. But we have already seen how ready Ashley is to help herself at the expense of others.

What will she do, now that she has a major weapon against Conrad and Victoria? It may not be pretty.

Will Jack Find the Forgotten Tape?
One of the biggest mysteries posed by the Labor Day party seen in the Revenge pilot is how Jack ended up on the beach with a gun in his hand. Nothing we have seen, so far, leads to that end. Could the tape, left behind by Victoria's thug, be the key?

Jack would definitely watch a tape found in the house, especially if there was any indication of a connection to David or Amanda Clarke. And we can bet that whatever is on that tape will be important. Will it somehow point to the true identity of Emily?

Angry Son, Vengeful Daughter
Assuming Daniel survives long enough to do anything at all about it, his belief that Victoria was brutally raped by the monstrous David Clarke could prove to be a big, big problem. If nothing else, it may give Emily an excuse to not be in love with the boy anymore...

There is no way that a doting older brother like Daniel would purposely hurt Charlotte by telling her what he knows. But Daniel is hardly keeping things quiet. He could very well be spurred into action. And that action would put Daniel directly in Emily's crosshairs.

If that happens, so much for not hurting Daniel!

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What will be Emily's next scheme? Has Daniel sealed his own fate by believing his mother was raped? How will characters like Ashley and Jack get drawn in to the scheming? Share your theories and comments below!

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