Michael J. Fox to Join 'Rescue Me' and 'Scrubs'?
Michael J. Fox to Join 'Rescue Me' and 'Scrubs'?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Veteran actor Michael J. Fox is supposedly close to inking a contract with FX's Rescue Me for a multi-episode arc.  Entertainment Weekly reports that the former Spin City and Back to the Future star is considering a role in the firefighter comedy drama as the love interest of Janet, played by Andrea Roth, Denis Leary's ex.  Fox is reportedly seriously thinking about it, as he and Leary are longtime friends.  If this pushes through, however, fans have to wait a teeny bit as Rescue Me won't be back until March next year.

Meanwhile, according to E! Online, Fox, who is also renowned for battling Parkinson's Disease, is also in talks with creator Bill Lawrence to reprise his role on the ABC comedy Scrubs.  Now the two, Fox and Lawrence, go way back with Spin City, which Lawrence co-created. Fox's last appearance on the show was in 2004 for two episodes.
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Fox's last television appearance was a guest appearance on Boston Legal in 2006.

Rescue Me is a critically acclaimed series is about a struggling firefighter who becomes a mess after a cousin died on 9/11 and only finds redemption through his firefighting.  Scrubs, on the other hand, is a popular comedy series about a medical intern at the beginning of his career at Sacred Heart Hospital.

-Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly, E! Online
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