'Klondike': Interesting Tidbits About Filming the Epic Gold Rush Tale
'Klondike': Interesting Tidbits About Filming the Epic Gold Rush Tale
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Discovery Channel premiered its first mini-series, Klondike, last night about two friends who head to Dawson City in 1897 in what is now known as the last Gold Rush. The first installment brought a record Monday night audience for the channel with over 3 million viewers tuning in to watch the epic adventure.

Klondike has a star-studded cast including Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Abbie Cornish (RoboCop), Tim Roth (Pulp FictionReservoir Dogs) and Sam Shepard (August: Osage County). If you missed the first two hours, Discovery Channel is re-airing them at 7 pm ET tonight prior to the second installment. 

Earlier this month, the Klondike cast and executive producers held a panel at Discovery Channel's TCA Press Tour to discuss the mini-series and they shared quite a few amazing tales about filming in Calgary, Canada.

Check out a few interesting tidbits about the filming of Klondike.

The Cold: "It was cold. ... Richard [Madden] spent the whole day with real snow being blown into his face, you know. And the hands were cold. The face was cold. It was really hard to tlk, and there was something elemental, very challenging and very dramatic about the landscape and about the weather that told us very quickly what these characters would have felt like and gave us a little sense and a little taste of it." - Cornish

The River Rapids: "It was dangerous. We did some tank stuff for the underwater stuff but we had  camera in the water on the day we were doing that as well, and I did throw myself into the rapids. They were real rapids."

"I remember being in the boat with Auggie [Prew] and we'd had a couple of scary moments actually where -- you know, we've got lots of safety peole there, but you know, you can't control nature. I think the show talks about that and we kind of experienced that firsthand. We smashed this boat into the rocks quite dangerously at some points." - Madden

Difficulty of the Wolves: "... the scene with the wolves chasing Richard [was difficult] because the wolves were sort of like big fluffy pets who'd go and fetch your slippers for you. So it was very hard to make them aggressive. " - Simon Cellan Jones, Director

A Real Avalanche: "... the big avalanche at the beginning of the first episode ... that involved blowing up huge amounts of snow and making it fall down the mountain. So that was the most complex because we only had one chance at that  and we had to sort of shoot people running away from it and then use the same shots and actually have the snow coming down and if we got it wrong, you know, we blew the whole movie." - Jones

"We had 12 cameras out there and we blew the ridge hoping, you know, and it was beautiful. I think two or three of those Go Pros are still buried up there." - Paul Scheuring, Writer/Executive Producer

"Filming in the Yukon"

Klondike airs on the Discovery Channel.

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