'Does Someone Have to Go?' Review: 'The Office' Meets 'Survivor'
'Does Someone Have to Go?' Review: 'The Office' Meets 'Survivor'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Admit it: You think you're smarter than your boss. Your workplace is a total mess and only you know how to fix it. Don gets paid too much and he's always showing up late. Jen deserves a promotion because she does all the work, but no one notices her. And the only reason Debbie from accounting still has a job is because her best friend is the boss' wife.

Well, if that's how you feel then FOX's new reality series, Does Someone Have to Go? (Thursdays at 9pm), is your dream come true.

The series takes an ordinary workplace with a ton of problems and gives the power to the employees. The boss leaves and the staff must pick three of their co-workers to potentially get fired. If that sounds ruthless, it gets even worse when private confessionals where the employees say what they really think about each other are shown and everyone's salaries get exposed.

The first workplace on display is Velocity Merchant Services, a company that sells those machines that you slide your credit cards through. It's a family business as the president has several cousins and even her mother on the payroll.

There's drama almost instantly since everyone thinks the boss' mom doesn't do a good job and gets paid too much. But come on, there's no way a woman is going to fire her own mother. However, the attempts by some employees to separate emotion from objective assessment are admirable.

At its core, I have no idea if Does Someone Have to Go? is a good idea. It seems like they're stirring up a bunch of problems, but I'd be more interested in seeing how the company does one year later. Are the people who said the boss' mom should be fired still working there? And even if they've patched things up, wouldn't watching it on TV bring all those emotions back to the surface?

Yet there's a perverse pleasure in the show because it's something everyone can relate to. Workplace environments are universal. It doesn't matter what you're selling or doing, anyone who has ever worked in an office will be able to see a little bit of themselves in someone from Does Someone Have to Go?

This show is really a response to Undercover Boss. While that show is uplifting, showing everyday employees working hard and making helpful suggestions, Does Someone Have to Go? offers the ugly side of things with people venting their true feelings.

It's fun to watch, but unlike most reality shows, I don't think people will be sitting at home thinking, "Man, I wish I was on this show." Do you really want to know if the person in the next cubicle thinks you're perverted or lazy? As Pandora learned the hard way, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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