BuddyTV Daily Quiz: This Week In TV, August 6-12
Welcome to August, or as I'd like to call it, that awkward moment between summer and fall. It's that time of the year when summer shows wrap up (in this week's case, So You Think You Can Dance and White Collar), not-so-summer shows start up (Bachelor Pad), and others just go on as usual (Big Brother and True Blood). In other words, it's been a busy week. But you knew I'd say that, yes?

And since I said that, I might as well say this: here's another look back at the week that was in quiz form. It's ten questions about burning vampires, burning dance floors and burning emotions (including censor strips!), made easier by the fact that the answers can be found in all the stuff we wrote on BuddyTV this week. Which isn't a lot yet. I told you. Awkward moment between summer and fall.

Still on a quizzing mood? Check out our special on the SYTYCD finalists (yay, Melanie!) and summer TV's forever topless guys.

(Images courtesy of Starz, Fox and ABC)