BuddyTV Daily Quiz: The Comic-Con Special
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: The Comic-Con Special
Usually today's daily quiz is a look back at all that's happened on TV the past week, but since all of us here at BuddyTV are in Comic-Con mode, we'll change things up a bit. Wait, that sounded like Survivor, yes?
Anyway, today's quiz will revolve around everything Comic-Con. It's like the usual weekly quiz -- the answers are in articles all around BuddyTV -- but they're specifically on our Comic-Con page. So it's stuff from our Obsessions panelists, to the stuff we've learned from yesterday's panels.

Of course, there are still three days of Comic-Con to go, so stay tuned to BuddyTV for more updates live from geek nirvana, also known as San Diego.


More Comic-Con stuff, you can? Check out our quiz on the Obsessions panelists, as well as on TV's geeks!

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