Betty White Tapped to Host 'Ultimate GILF'
Betty White Tapped to Host 'Ultimate GILF'
So you thought Betty White's resurgence was winding down? Hold your horses there, youngsters, because the old folks are here to stay, and 89-year-old Betty White seems to be their Grand Poobah.

Not only did NBC announce plans this week for White to host its new show Betty White's Off Their Rockers, a hidden camera show about a pack of wily senior citizens who play pranks on unsuspecting young people, but today CBS announced its plans for White to host its new reality show Ultimate GILF: The Search for America's Sexiest Senior Citizen, capitalizing on the renewed interest in programming for the elderly. 

So what does GILF stand for, you ask? For fear that I'm going to receive an upset and/or confused phone call from my own grandma, I'll just clue you in that the G stands for grandparent.

The show's cast will include 12 contestants, spanning in age from 65-95, living together in a high-end Florida retirement community and competing for the title of Ultimate GILF. Challenges will range from maneuvering their walkers and Rascal Scooters down a dangerously narrow catwalk while modeling the latest in swimwear for the elderly to seductively eating mashed peas during the 4:30pm dinner service to the ultimate GILF spring break challenge -- doing body shots out of their co-competitors' loose neck and arm skin.

"We're really excited to show off senior citizens' sexier, sassier sides," said CBS programming executive Jessica Fletcher. "This generation is hot, hot, hot, aging like a fine wine ... or cheese ... you know, after you've cut off the moldy parts. You know, you can still eat cheese after you cut off the moldy parts? This nice young fellow at one of those fancy new coffee places told me that. But, you know, I can't drink coffee any more on account of the diabetes. I mean, sure, I can have decaf, but without sugar, what's the point? Of course, in my day, we hardly ever had sugar, so it was such a treat when we did get it." 

The network plans to bookend the episodes with reruns of Matlock.

UPDATE: Happy April Fools' Day!


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