'Ravenswood' Recap: Who is Abby?
'Ravenswood' Recap: Who is Abby?
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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On this much better episode of Ravenswood, more is revealed about the pattern, Caleb and the group are starting to get answers to their questions and Miranda saves the day. While it bears some resemblance to the Final Destination movies, the characters, plot and overall direction of the story are getting infinitely more interesting. There are also incredibly creepy moments that make me genuinely jump in this one.

The Funeral

It is Miranda's funeral and no one can see her still but Caleb. She is worried that once her body is buried, her spirit will also disappear. Collins gives a cliched and stiff speech saying Miranda is with the angels now, to which Miranda snarks about the entire time.

Luke, Olivia and Remy all attend the funeral since they were in the car when she died. You know, the hugely traumatic experience that they don't seem sufficiently freaked out enough about. They have a great view of their father's grave, ever spray painted with the words Black Widow. While looking at it mournfully, Olivia sees what can only be a spirit or ghost hovering over his grave. In an instant, the ghost is gone and Olivia shakes the image from her mind.

At the after-party, Springer makes an ass of himself as usual and talks poorly of the dead girl. You'd think after working at a funeral parlor for over a year, he'd have learned how to behave himself. Anyway, this incites Caleb who gives an impassioned eulogy in Miranda's defense. True to form, ABC Family encourages us to tweet #SweetCaleb. 

Collins is moved by #SweetCaleb and offers him the carriage house to stay in for the next month, which Caleb accepts.

Who is Abby?

Luke and Olivia find out that a new person of interest has been identified in their father's murder: a woman named Abby (#WhoIsAbby). Olivia is upset about this and has a good cry in the funeral home bathroom. She closes her eyes for a moment and these super creepy dead girl hands start crawling through the vent. She opens her eyes just in time and they disappear.

They ask their mother who Abby is, as they suspect that their father was having an affair with her when he died. Their mother -- whose name I can't remember so we'll call her by her spray paint, Black Widow -- tells them that Abby was their father's girlfriend in high school and that he claimed she was trying to get in touch with him just before he died. Luke comes right out and asks if they were having an affair. In a great, campy twist, Black Widow says dramatically "Abby died 20 years ago."

Olivia takes it upon herself to research #WhoIsAbby. She finds her photo in her father's old yearbook and discovers that, in fact, that ghost upon his grave that day was Abby. She goes to the laboratory where Abby and five other students died in a fire. While there, she hears the screams of the victims, and a super scary burn victim jumps out of the flames. I definitely jumped.

The Pattern

Remy discovers that her mother should have died in the attack when she was overseas in the military. She does not understand how she got out of it alive and is concerned that it all has to do with the pattern of five teenagers dying in Ravenswood whenever a soldier returns from war. 

She shares the pattern theory with Caleb, Luke and Olivia. She believes that they were all supposed to have died when Miranda died to fulfill the pattern. They all discern that whoever killed Miranda is still after them. Olivia considers that Abby has been trying to warn them all about this. Luke is the skeptical voice against all the evidence with the convincing argument of, "Uh, I live in the real world." 

The Seance 

While they are sharing theories and secrets, Caleb reveals to them that Miranda's ghost is still around and that he talks to her. She, by the way, has been ping-ponging in and out of Limbo the entire episode. Because Luke lives in the real world, he doesn't believe Caleb, but the girls do. They hold a seance to call Abby forward and ask her questions with a plate and alphabet magnets. Yes, alphabet magnets. 

Abby comes forward and answers multiple questions in succession. We learn that (a) Luke and Olivia's father discovered the curse of Ravenswood, (b) that is what got him killed, (c) their father's killer is trying to kill them and (d) Five Pact, whatever that means. Miranda notices that the chandelier above them is about to crash on the group and alerts them to move. In doing so, she saves them and glows white, becoming visible to all of them now. 

The episode is a major improvement on last week. I hope the show keeps the momentum going with the spooky and the utterly hilarious, whether intentional or not.

Ravenswood airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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