'Ravenswood' Recap: Remy Attacks a Loved One
'Ravenswood' Recap: Remy Attacks a Loved One
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Esther's journal revealed that a preacher-who-must-not-be-named talked the town elders into signing the pact that created the curse. Meanwhile, Remy's dreams shed light on past events, including the fact that Original Caleb and Original Miranda witnessed the pact-signing. And Miranda tried to haunt Mrs. Grunwald for information, but learned that the mysterious woman already had a spirit visitor.

In this week's episode, "Home is Where the Heart is -- Seriously Check the Floorboards," Caleb's father comes to town, Miranda figures out Mrs Grunwald's connection to her spirit guardian and the cops come a-calling to the Matheson home. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.

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Is Sleep-Drawing a Thing?

Luke returns from his night of demonic-scarecrow slaying to find Collins in his home in the middle of the night. Collins and Mama Matheson claim he is there on business, but this is clearly a lie. The next morning, someone finds a three-sided knife on the Matheson property and the cops show up. Apparently, Papa Matheson was killed with a three-sided knife and they want to bring Mama Matheson in for questioning. Luke dislikes this idea and his attitude gets him a trip to the station as well.

After her night of sleep-walking, Remy wakes up to find that she has been drawing things in her sleep. Amongst all the many sketches is one of a three-sided knife, as well as the message "You Should Not Have Seen." Later, when Luke is locked up, he hears the same phrase from the creepy guy in the next cell. Did Remy's dream-glimpse into the past put them all in even more danger?

Miranda Makes a Frenemy

Since Miranda is still limited in her movements, she spends the day trying to contact the spirit watching over Mrs. Grunwald. Miranda finally gets a glimpse of the spirit and it is a young woman, dressed like she died in the 1940's. Miranda and Remy do some research and find out that the girl's name is Beatrice and she was one of the Cursed Five of her generation. They also find information that suggests Beatrice is Mrs. Grunwald's sister.

Miranda tries to contact Beatrice by explaining that if they break the pact, maybe they can finally be free. During her confrontation with Beatrice, Miranda gets a look at an old photograph and eventually realizes that Beatrice is Grunwald's mother, not her sister. She also realizes that Beatrice does not want to break the pact because she does not want to leave her daughter. Miranda pleads with Beatrice to help them, since she has had 60 years to learn information about the curse, but Beatrice refuses.

In the hopes of getting Miranda to leave her and the other trapped spirits alone, Beatrice brings Miranda her jar so she can once again be free to leave the grounds of the Collins' place. But Beatrice warns Miranda that she does not understand what will happen when she destroys the jar, and she only got a taste of it last time. I assume this means Beatrice or one of the other trapped spirits tried to break their own jar at some point and learned the hard way that it is not a good idea. But is Miranda like the other trapped spirits or can she find a way to avoid their fate?

Olivia is Surrounded by Enemies

When Luke and Mama Matheson are taken into custody, Caleb and Olivia spot Springer at the house, the same Springer who used to work for Collins. Did Collins send Springer to plant the knife on the Matheson property? Olivia wonders this very thing, especially since Collins keeps coming around.

Collins stops by the Matheson place to check up on Olivia and says he will do what he can to get her mother and brother released. Olivia makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him and Collins seems genuinely hurt. All the signs are pointing to Collins being Luke and Olivia's bio-dad, but if that is the case, is it the reason they are members of this generation's Cursed Five? And is Collins involved in all of this to protect them?

Meanwhile, Olivia uses her reconciliation with friend Tess to question the other girl about Springer. Since Tess and Springer used to date, Tess can confirm that Springer worked for Collins during the time of Papa Matheson's demise. But what Olivia does not know is that her once-again friend is up to no good. Springer and Tess have an interesting conversation that reveals they are involved in the same thing Dillon is. What is the evil trio up to?

Later that night, Springer confronts Olivia and tries to tell her about his involvement with Tess and Dillon. He asks Olivia if she knows "what her boyfriend is" and says the whole thing is her father's fault. But before Springer can say more, Olivia runs away and Tess appears just in time to hit Springer with her car. I guess that's one way to keep him from talking. But what did Springer mean when he asked Olivia if she knew "what" Dillon is? Is this connected to Dillon's ability to talk to creepy Max? Can Tess and Springer also talk to her? And why does Springer blame this all on Papa Matheson?

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Can Collins and Grunwald Be Trusted?

After he helps get Mama Matheson out of jail, Collins returns home to have another way-too-vague chat with Grunwald. They discuss his attempt to connect with Olivia, as well as what Springer is up to. Collins says that Springer has finally begun to realize what he got himself into and they will have to be the ones to clean up after him when he does something stupid. How do Collins and Grunwald know about everything that happens in this town? If Collins is Olivia's father, why does he not warn her to stay away from Dillon and Tess or threaten them into leaving her alone? And what does Grunwald have to do with all of this? Is she trying to free her mother from the curse or simply stop it from happening again?

Remy Escalates to Sleep-Stabbing

Remy's parents are worried about her sleep-walking -- and now sleep-drawing -- so they want her to see a new doctor. Remy agrees, but only if her father helps Luke. Remy's father keeps up his end of the deal and gets Luke released from jail. Alas, Remy's parents are right to be worried, as her next sleep-walking adventure ends in her trying to attack Luke with a knife. Remy's dad intervenes and gets a slash for his trouble. Though her dad is okay, Remy decides to head to a sleep clinic to get help.

Family Reunion

Caleb's father comes to town to check up on Caleb, but also because he has business in town thanks to the now-deceased Henry Rivers. It turns out that Caleb and his dad are all that is left of Henry's family and they have now inherited his home. Caleb's dad wants to stick around for a few months to fix up the place, but Caleb wants him gone so he does not wind up as collateral damage.

Caleb acts like a jerk to get his dad to leave town, but changes his mind after a chat with Miranda. The two make up, but Caleb's bonding moment with his father is interrupted when a crow shows up at the Rivers' place. Caleb freaks out when his dad says it represents a death in the family. Whose death is the crow foreshadowing? Will Caleb's dad be the next victim of the curse or has the crow appeared for one of the Cursed Five?
What did you think of this week's episode? What or who do you think possessed both Remy and Luke's creepy jail buddy? Where did Dillon disappear to? And why is everyone in this town so vague when giving out information? Did they all take the same class on how to make things harder for those searching for answers? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
Ravenswood airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on ABC Family.

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