What Are They Up To Now? Project Runway's Jeffrey Sebelia
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Although Jeffrey Sebelia already served celebrity clients such as Gwen Stefani, Dave Navarro and Jennifer Lopez, he became legendary as the winner of Project Runway season three. Known as the notorious fashion designer with a distinct neck tattoo and a disarrayed past, he rose to victory with his creations, ranging from grunge and punk outfits to strikingly colorful dresses. And despite his “cheating” controversy, he came out as the winner who earned $100,000 to develop his own clothing line, a 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster, a year’s representation by Designer’s Management Agency, and a 15-page spread in Elle magazine.

Although Project Runway had given Sebelia an ample thrust to establish his mark on the fashion world and a chance to further develop his clothing line, his post-reality show career did not stream to the direction he had lucratively imagined. He got some calls and appointments with several fashion editors and renowned brands but had difficulty in landing deals. In addition, he roughly fell out of touch with the judges and producers of Project Runway. Despite the adversity, he was able to work as a costume designer for the upcoming live-action Bratz movie. He also sold several pieces of his clothing line to California-based clothing boutique Fred Segal.

Sebelia will be featured on the show Backstage: Hollywood, together with Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and other celebrities and fashion designers. He will also be working on a limited edition collection for Rock Anthem, a high-end line of knits and t-shirts inspired by rock and roll. Currently, he continues to develop his own clothing line Cosa Nostra, which is available in about twenty stores worldwide, and writes a blog on the website Cinematical, wherein he gives out his opinions and critique on red carpet events and fashion shows.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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