'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'An Unconventional Trip'
'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'An Unconventional Trip'
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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On episode 12 of Project Runway, the designers were whisked away to Austin, where they had to find inspiration for their last challenge before fashion week. Tim took them to a farm and feed store as well as a BBQ restaurant to find supplies for yet another unconventional material challenge. Back in New York, Tim also told them they had to create a second look made of conventional materials to complement their first look. Let's take a look at the worst and best looks of "An Unconventional Trip."

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Losing Looks



PR_Ep12_Corey2.jpgCorey was definitely not one of the stronger designers throughout the competition. But I think this was a good showing for him. His dress made of plastic cup flowers is a vast improvement from his "parasite" dress he made of unconventional materials last week. And I think he may even have the best second look of everyone on the runway. His fellow competitors were just too strong to let him have a place in the finale though. It's a shame because he really did a great job this week.

Top Looks



PR_Ep12_Laurence2.jpgLaurence wanted to show the judges that she could do more than make a mean square shoulder and work with leather. So she went bold, using birdseed on her unconventional look to create a beaded look, and a bright yellow dress instead of black for her second look. And she found a creative way to still use leather to accentuate the piece as opposed to making it the foundation.



PR_Ep12_Erin2.jpgIf anyone can make mealworms whimsical, it's Erin. Erin's especially good at these unconventional challenges because she's constantly finding innovative ways to create texture and shape on her garments that don't necessarily include fabric. Her jumpsuit is bright and fun too, if a little simple.

Winning Looks



PR_Ep12_Roberi2.jpgWhat can I say? I was shocked to see the judges liked both these looks let alone gave him the win for the look. The unconventional look can barely be considered a dress and exposes way too much of his model. I appreciate his artistic knot work, but this is not even clothing. And the second look is just as bad. The silhouette is boring and I don't see the appeal of either one of those prints, let alone how they look mixed. I suppose I understand Roberi making it to the finale, but I don't get either one of these looks at all.

What did you think? Did everyone who made it to Fashion Week deserve to go? What do you think of so many unconventional material challenges this season? Let us know in the comments!

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